International Progress in Precision Engineering

International Progress in Precision Engineering

Proceedings of the 7th International Precision Engineering Seminar, Kobe, Japan, May 1993

1st Edition - May 13, 1993

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  • Author: Fumiko Ikawa-Smith
  • eBook ISBN: 9780124158986

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International Progress in Precision Engineering documents the proceedings of the 7th International Precision Engineering Seminar held in Kobe, Japan, May 1993. The seminar brought together the world's leading precision engineering practitioners from areas of application as diverse as sensors, actuators, scanning tip microscopy, micro and nano machining (including bio-machining), ultra precision measuring machines, machine tools, and large optics for space technology. The seminar included 10 oral sessions that dealt with the following topics: (I) Metrology - The Science Base For Precision Engineering; (II) Sensors and Actuators in Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology; (III) New Materials - Applications and Ultra-Precision Energy Beam Processing; (IV) Nanotechnology Machining Processes; (V) New Developments In Ultra-Precision Machines; (VI) Ultra-Precision, Servo, and Control Technology; (VII) Precision Engineering in Space Technology; (VIII) X-Ray Technologies and Their Applications; (IX) Micromechanics and Micrometrology; and (X) New Developments n Precision Engineering. There were also poster sessions and an introductory keynote speech by Dr. H. Mizuno, Executive Vice-President of Matsushita/Panasonic, who talks on the symbiotic relationship between electronics and precision engineering.

Table of Contents

  • Keynote Address

    Precision Engineering and its Impact on the Electronics Industry: Past, Present, and Future Oral Sessions

    Session 1: Metrology - The Science Base for Precision Engineering

    Limitations of Interpolation Accuracy in Heterodyne Interferometry

    A New Ultra-Precision Instrument for Calibration of Gauges and Measurements of High-Quality Products

    Correctness of Assessment Software in Coordinate Metrology

    Concept for the Traceability of Measurements with Coordinate Measuring Machines

    Session 2: Sensors and Actuators in Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology

    A Six-Degrees of Freedom Fine Motion Mechanism

    Three Dimensional Position Sensor Using Optical Collimator for Nanometer Resolution

    Session 3: New Materials - Applications and Ultra-Precision Energy Beam Processing

    Laser Photo-etching Method for Maskless Fabrication of a Through-Hole Contact (THC) Amorphous

    Silicon (a-Si) Solar Cell Submodule

    Plasma CVM (Chemical Vapor Machining) - A Chemic. Machining Method with Equal Performances to

    Conventional Mechanical Methods from the Sense of Removal Rates and Spatial Resolutions

    Broad Ion Beam Processing of Large Surface Areas with Nanometer Precision

    Principle of Ion Beam Processing and its Application to Fine and Precision Fabrication

    Session 4: Nanotechnology Machining Processes

    3-Dimensional Rigid-Plastic FEM Simulation of Chip Formation Process

    Tools and Tool Setting for Improved Surface Finish in Diamond Turning

    Electrolytic In-process Dressing (ELID) Grinding for Optical Parts Manufacturing

    Session 5: New Developments in Ultra-Precision Machines

    Development of the Ingersoll Octahedral-Hexapod Machine Tool for Five-Axis Metal Cutting

    Development of an Ultraprecision Grinding Equipment for Ductile Mode Surface Finishing of Brittle Materials

    Examination and Optimization of Dispersion and Hysteresis of Linear Axis by Machine Tools

    Precision Grinding and Slicing of Si-Wafers

    Session 6: Ultra-Precision, Servo, and Control Technology

    Magnetic Linear Bearing: Theory and Experiment

    State Space Trajectory Tracking Control for Fast Nanometer Positioning

    Development of Methods for Numerical Error Correction of Machine Tools

    The Real-Time Reduction of Electronic Interpolation Errors in Precision Machine Servos

    Session 7: Precision Engineering in Space Technology

    Development of an X-Ray Telescope in Japan

    Active Mirror Support System for SUBARU Telescope

    Session 8: X-Ray Technologies and Their Applications

    TOMOHAWK - Recent Advances in Computerised X-Ray Tomography Using Real-Time Radiography Equipment

    COXI - A Combined Optical and X-Ray Interferometer for High Precision Dimensional Metrology

    Session 9: Micromechanics and Micrometrology

    The Constant Force Profiler: A Hybrid Instrument for Nanometric Surface Metrology

    Development of a Scanning Force Microscope Using a Piezoelectric Cantilever

    Miniature Robots for Ultra Precision Measurement and Machining

    Session 10: New Developments in Precision Engineering

    Bio-Machining of Metals by Bacteria Thiobacillus Ferrooxidans

    A Precision Bilaminar Resonating Transducer Assembly Tool

    Application of a Nanometric Resolution Optical Tool Setting System to Aspheric Generation

    Poster Sessions

    Kinematic and Mathematical Research on Three-Point-Method for In-Process Measurement and its Applications in Engineering

    Ordinal Space and Evaluation of Geometric Form for Precision Engineering

    Research on the Theory and Technique of Omni - Directional Straightness Evaluation

    New Method of Geometric-Error Evaluation (GE)

    The Development of High Accuracy Turning Multiple Measurement and Control System

    Automatic Linear Measuring System for Line Standard and Step Gage

    On-Machine Measurement of Form Accuracies Using Two Quadrant Photocells

    Self-Calibration of Precision Angle Sensors

    Tilt Effects on Optical Angle Measurements

    3-Dimensional Coordinate Measurements by Image Digitizing

    Development of Efficient Error Calibration System for CMMs Using Calibrated Ring Gauges and Touch Probe

    Self-Calibration Method for Three Dimensional Coordinate Measuring Machines Using a Ball Plate

    An Exact and Function Independent Bestfit Algorithm, Applicable to Sculptured Surfaces or to Any Non Regular Surface in Parametric Form

    An Inspection System for Wire Bond Ball Dimensions

    On Line Simultaneous Measurement of Real Contact Area and Approach of Two Nominally Flat Surfaces Under Load

    Direct Measurement of Spindle Radial Accuracy by Moiré Topography

    The Optimum EST - A New Method for On-Line Measurement of the Straighteness of Precision Machine Tools and Machined Workpiece

    Study on a Laser Fiber Alignment System and its Applications

    Measurement and Control of Straight Motion Accuracy Using Liquid Surface for Absolute Reference

    Direction Stabilized Laser Beam for Straight Datum

    3D Topography Representation of Machined Surfaces: A Study on the Integration of Some Characterisation Techniques

    Sphericity Noncontact Testing Using Phase-Shifting Interferometry

    Measurement of the Absolute Refractive Index of Air by Laser Interferometry

    A Micro Bending Device for Tool Materials

    Development of an Optical Measuring Method for Radial Spindle Error

    A Novel Surface Topography Sensor in the nm Range Based on a Non-Counting Diode Laser Inteferometer

    An Active Parallel Leaf Spring Mechanism with a Long Working Range and a High Positioning Resolution

    An Etched Glass Master and a Photomask for an Optical Disk Substrate

    Low Temperature Growth of Polycrystalline Silicon Films by Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition under Higher Pressure than Atmospheric Pressure

    A New Low Temperature Fabrication Technology of Ceramic Thin Film Using Ion Beam and its Application

    Enlargement of Poly-Si Film Grain Size by a New Excimer Laser Annealing and its Application to High-Performance Poly-Si TFT

    On the Origin of Material Induced Vibration in Ultraprecision Machining of Crystalline Materials

    Fundamental Study on Energy Dissipation and Tool Shape in Nanoscale Cutting

    Study on the Extremely High Compressive Residual Stresses in Machined Layers by Using X-Ray

    Computer Simulation on Affected-Layer Generation in Grinding

    Observation of Micro-deformation Behavior of Brittle Materials in Indentation Testings at Sub-µm Depth

    Analysis of Contact Lens Mirror Finishing by Diamond Turning

    Crystallographic Orientation Analysis on Wear Shape of Single Crystal Diamond Cutting Tool

    The Influence of Cutting Edge Quality on Workpiece Roughness in Diamond Turning Process

    Evaluation of Polished Silicon Wafers' Micro-Roughness by Atomic Force Microscope

    Formation of Surface Micro-form Using Magnetic Super-fine Particles

    A Study on Nano-surface Polishing of Magnetic Disk Substrate

    Characterization of Process Damaged Layers for Optical Fiber Ends

    Ductile-Regime Machining of Glassy Carbon

    Ultraprecision Ductile Cutting of Brittle Materials by Applying Ultrasonic Vibration

    Improvement of Rotary Ultrasonic Deep Hole Drilling of Glass Ceramics - Zerodur

    Mechanical Displacement and Removal Mechanisms in Forming and Finishing of Classically Brittle Materials

    Truing of Super-Abrasive Wheels for Form-Grinding

    Ultra High Speed Grinding of the Glass with a Single Point Diamond

    Study on the Optimum Crowning Both for Tooth Profile and Tooth Trace of Spiral Bevel Gear

    Characterization of High Precision Parallel Spring Translators

    Improvement of Nano-Positioning Toolholder - Compensation of Form Error of the Faceplate

    Improvement of Thermal Properties of a Hydrostatic Spindle

    An Active Control of an Externally Pressurized Air Thrust Bearing

    The Trial Manufacture of High Precision Rotating Spindle

    Development of Off-Axis Ellipsoidal Mirrors

    Ultra-Precision Machining of Oxygen-Free Copper and Aluminum

    Development of Amendable Machining System and Evaluation of its Performance

    Perpendicular Guideway Mechanism of Machine Tool - Improvement of Motion Accuracy by Composite Bearing Guideway

    Hysteresis Exclude System of Linear Axes of Machine Tools

    A Twist-Roller Friction Drive System for Nanometer Positioning

    Control of a Traction Drive System

    Control of permanent magnets brushless electrical motors. Performances of an Internal Model Control Algorithm

    A Micro Grooving System for Ultra Precision Parts

    Optimal Controller for the Axis Drift in a Precision Boring Bar with Double-Guide Hydraustatic Bearings

    Accuracy Improvement of Machine Tool by New Function of WORFAC

    Control of the Dynamical Behaviour of a Machine Tool with Neural Networks for Precision Cutting

    Development of 3-Axes Handling Robot Suspended by Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB)

    A Discussion on the Dynamics of Gear Noise and the Theory of Vibration

    Measurement and Testing in Manufacturing Technologies by Means of Industrial Robots

    Para-flex Stage for Wide-Range Scanning Tunneling Microscope

    Precise imaging technique for AFM with ZnO Whisker Tip

    High Precision Three Dimensional Tip Position Measurement in Scanning Tunnelling Microscopes

    Correction of Distorted STM Image by In-Situ Referring Regular Crystalline Lattice

    Nanometer Straightness Testing Instrument

    Surface Texture Assessment of Magnetic Rigid Disk and Head Slider for Analyzing Their Contact Mechanics in Nanometer Scale

    Joint Position Encoding for Micro Robotic Manipulators

    Computer Controlled Mask Aligner Using Modified Moire Technique

    An Absolute Capacitive Position Transducer for Lithography

    Multi-Probe Force Microscope for a Precise Linear Encoder

    Evaluation of the Tracking Pre-Groove of the Optical Memory Disk Stamper by Using Fraunhofer Diffraction Method

    A Tribo-Memory as an Application of Phase-Transformation of Stainless Steel

    Development of Ultraprecision Positioner by Means of Walking Drive

    Achievements in Manufacturing Ultra-Precise, Complex Components Using Nano-"Ductile Regime" Grinding

    Technical Advances in Process Science Research at the Center for Optics Manufacturing

    A Manufacturing Ribosome Model for Biological- Oriented Manufacturing Systems

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  • No. of pages: 1091
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Newnes 1993
  • Published: May 13, 1993
  • Imprint: Newnes
  • eBook ISBN: 9780124158986

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