International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home

International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home

1st Edition - June 11, 2012

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  • Editor-in-Chief: Susan Smith
  • Hardcover ISBN: 9780080471631

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Available online via SciVerse ScienceDirect, or in print for a limited time only, The International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home, Seven Volume Set is the first international reference work for housing scholars and professionals, that uses studies in economics and finance, psychology, social policy, sociology, anthropology, geography, architecture, law, and other disciplines to create an international portrait of housing in all its facets: from meanings of home at the microscale, to impacts on macro-economy. This comprehensive work is edited by distinguished housing expert Susan J. Smith, together with Marja Elsinga, Ong Seow Eng, Lorna Fox O'Mahony and Susan Wachter, and a multi-disciplinary editorial team of 20 world-class scholars in all. Working at the cutting edge of their subject, liaising with an expert editorial advisory board, and engaging with policy-makers and professionals, the editors have worked for almost five years to secure the quality, reach, relevance and coherence of this work. A broad and inclusive table of contents signals (or tesitifes to) detailed investigation of historical and theoretical material as well as in-depth analysis of current issues. This seven-volume set contains over 500 entries, listed alphabetically, but grouped into seven thematic sections including methods and approaches; economics and finance; environments; home and homelessness; institutions; policy; and welfare and well-being. Housing professionals, both academics and practitioners, will find The International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home useful for teaching, discovery, and research needs.

Key Features

  • International in scope, engaging with trends in every world region
  • The editorial board and contributors are drawn from a wide constituency, collating expertise from academics, policy makers, professionals and practitioners, and from every key center for housing research
  • Every entry stands alone on its merits and is accessed alphabetically, yet each is fully cross-referenced, and attached to one of seven thematic categories whose ‘wholes' far exceed the sum of their parts


Students and researchers in subjects related to housing, home, residential real–estate, housing studies and housing policy. Also of interest to policy - makers (consultants, government bodies, NGOs, international agencies, etc.), and to housing professionals - in particular those involved in the real estate and housing finance industries, and in the development and implementation of housing policy

Table of Contents

  • List of Sections

    Section I — Approaches — Section Editors David Clapham and Kenneth Gibb
    Section II — Economics and Finance — Section Editors Richard Green, Anthony Sanders and Kim Kyung-Hwan
    Section III — Environments — Sections Editors Heather Lovell and Montserrat Pareja-Eastaway
    Section IV — Home and Homelessness — Section Editors Robyn Dowling and Suzanne Fitzpatrick
    Section V — Institutions — Section Editors Richard Ronald and Sasha Tsenkova
    Section VI — Policy — Section Editors Kavita Datta and Gavin Wood
    Section VII — Welfare and Well-Being — Section Editors Chris Hamnett and Peter Ward

    Full Table of Contents

    Access and Affordability: Developed Countries
    Access and Affordability: Homeowner Taxation
    Access and Affordability: House Purchase Certificates
    Access and Affordability: Housing Allowances
    Access and Affordability: Housing Vouchers
    Access and Affordability: Mortgage Guarantees
    Access and Affordability: Rent Controls and Regulation
    Actor Network Theory
    Adaptable Housing
    Affordable Housing Strategies
    Anthropological Perspectives on Home
    Appraisal and Cost-benefit Analysis
    Asset-based Welfare
    Asset-based Well-being: Use Versus Exchange Value
    Austrian Economics
    Behavioural Economics
    Brownfield Development and Housing Supply
    Building Regulations for Energy Conservation
    Case Studies
    Central Government Institutions
    Children and Parenting
    Choice and Government Intervention in Housing Markets
    Civil Sector Institutions and Informal Settlements
    Climate Change
    Climate Change: Adaptations
    Collective Ownership
    Community and Neighbourhood Based Organizations in the United States
    Community Energy Systems
    Comparative Housing Research
    Construction and Demolition Waste
    Construction Methods
    Construction of Housing Knowledge
    Contract Saving Schemes
    Co-operative Housing/Ownership
    Cost Analyses of Homelessness: Limits and Opportunities
    Covered Bonds
    Credit Derivatives
    Credit Derivatives and the Housing Market
    Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
    Criminological Perspectives on Homelessness
    Critical Realism
    Cultural Analysis of Housing and Space
    Defensible Space
    Demand Subsidies for Low-Income Households
    Democracy and Accountability
    Demographic Perspectives in Economic Housing Research
    Deposit Assistance Schemes for Private Rental in the United Kingdom
    Development Land tax
    Disability and Enablement
    Discourse analysis
    Discrimination in Housing Markets
    Discrimination in Mortgage Markets
    Domestic Technologies and the Modern Home
    Domestic Violence
    Domestric Pets
    Ecological footprint
    Econometric Modeling
    Economic Approaches to Housing Research
    Economic Perspectives on Homelessness
    Economics of Housing Choice
    Economics of Housing Externalities
    Economics of Housing Market Segmentation
    Economics of Social Housing
    Education Programs for Home Buyers and Tenants
    Emotions at Home
    Energy Consumption, Housing,  and Urban Development Policy
    Energy Saving
    Environmental Consciousness
    Environmental Risks: Earthquakes
    Environmental Risks: Flooding
    Ethnic Minorities and Housing
    Ethnicity and Housing Organisations
    Ethnographies of Home and Homelessness
    Evolutionary Economics
    Exclusionary Zoning
    Experiencing Home
    Experiencing Home: Sexuality
    Feminist Perspectives on Home
    Feminist Perspectives on Homelessness
    Financial Deregulation
    Financial Regulation
    First Home Owner Grants
    Forecasting in Housing Research
    Foreclosure Prevention Measures
    Foreclosure Vulnerability
    Foucauldian Analysis
    Fuel Poverty
    Game Theory
    Gated Communities
    Gated Communities: Developed Countries
    Gated Communities: Global South
    Gender and Space
    Gender and Urban Housing in the Global South
    Gender Divisions in the Home
    Gentrification and Neighbourhood Change
    Gentrification and Well-being
    Government Mortgage Guarantee Institutions
    Government Sponsored Enterprises in the United States
    Government/Public Lending Institutions: Asia-Pacific
    Gypsy/Roma settlements
    Health and Housing
    Health Risks: Damp and Cold
    Health Risks: Overcrowding
    Health, Well-being and Housing
    Health, Well-being and Vulnerable Populations
    Hedging Housing Risk
    Hidden Homelessness
    High Rise
    High Rise Homes
    Home and Homelessness
    Home as a Space of Care
    Home as a Space of Worship
    Home as Inheritance
    Home as Investment
    Home as Leisure Space
    Home as Workplace
    Home Environments: Aesthetics, Fashion, Status
    Home in Temporary Dwellings
    Home Objects
    Home Ownership: Economic Benefits
    Home Ownership: Non-shelter Benefits
    Home: Paid Domestic Labour
    Home: Unpaid Domestic Labour
    Homeless Families: United Kingdom
    Homeless Families: United States
    Homeless People in China/East Asia
    Homeless People: African Americans in the United States
    Homeless People: Care Leavers
    Homeless People: Care Leavers in the United Kingdom
    Homeless People: Disasters and Displacement
    Homeless People: Economic Migrants in Southern Europe
    Homeless People: Ex-Prisoners in England and Wales
    Homeless People: Ex-Service Personnel/Veterans in the United Kingdom
    Homeless People: Indigenous/Aboriginal
    Homeless People: Older People
    Homeless People: Polish Migrants in the United Kingdom
    Homeless People: Refugees and Asylum Seekers
    Homeless People: Single Men in Japan
    Homeless People: Street Children in Africa
    Homeless People: Street Children in Asia
    Homeless People: Street Children in Mexico
    Homeless People: Street Children in the United Kingdom
    Homeless People: Youth  in Australia
    Homeless People: Youth in the United Kingdom
    Homelessness: Causation
    Homelessness: Definitions
    Homelessness: Measurement Questions
    Homelessness: Prevention in the United States
    Homeowner's Associations in Post-Socialist Countries
    Homestead and Other Legal Protections
    House Biographies
    House Building Industries: Africa
    House Building Industries: Asia Pacific
    House Building Industries: Latin America
    House building Industries: Post-socialist
    House Building Industries: Western Europe and North America
    House Price Expectations
    House Price Indexes
    House Price Indexes: Methodologies
    House Prices and Quality of Life: An Economic Analysis
    Household Organisation and Survival in Developing Countries
    Household Waste Recycling
    Households and Families
    Housing Agents and Housing Submarkets
    Housing and Labour Markets
    Housing and Neighbourhood Quality: Home Improvement Grants
    Housing and Neighbourhood Quality: Urban Regeneration
    Housing and Sustainable Transport
    Housing and the Macro-Economy
    Housing and the State in Australasia
    Housing and the State in China
    Housing and the State in Latin America
    Housing and the State in South Africa
    Housing and the State in South Asia
    Housing and the State in the Middle East
    Housing and the State in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
    Housing and the State in Western Europe
    Housing and Wealth Portfolios
    Housing Auctions
    Housing Careers
    Housing Classes and Consumption Cleavages
    Housing Construction Industry, Competition and Regulation
    Housing Demand
    Housing Developers and Sustainability
    Housing Developers: Developed World
    Housing Developers: Developing World
    Housing Dynamics: Environmental Aspects
    Housing Equity Withdrawal in the United Kingdom
    Housing Estates
    Housing Finance Institutions: Africa
    Housing Finance Institutions: Asia
    Housing Finance Institutions: Latin America
    Housing Finance Institutions: Transition societies
    Housing Finance: Deposit Guarantees
    Housing Finance: Global South
    Housing Finance: Mexico
    Housing Governance
    Housing Indicators
    Housing Institutions in Developing Countries
    Housing Market Search
    Housing Markets and Macro-Economic Policy
    Housing Markets Institutions
    Housing Need in the United Kingdom
    Housing Paradigms
    Housing Pathology
    Housing Policies in Developing Countries
    Housing Policies in Developing Countries: Microfinance
    Housing Policies in Developing Countries: Sites-and-Services and Aided Self-Help
    Housing Policy and Regeneration
    Housing Policy Trends
    Housing Policy: Agents and Regulators
    Housing Preferences
    Housing Standards: Regulation
    Housing Statistics
    Housing Subsidies and Welfare
    Housing Subsidies and Work Incentives
    Housing Subsidies in the Developing World
    Housing Supply
    Housing Supply: Green Belts
    Housing Supply: Urban Growth Boundaries
    Housing Trust Funds
    Housing Wealth and Consumption
    Housing Wealth and Inheritance in the United Kingdom
    Housing Wealth as Precautionary Savings
    Housing Wealth Distribution in the United Kingdom
    Housing Wealth Over the Life Course
    Human Rights and Housing
    Ideal Homes
    Illicit Drug Use and Homelessness
    Immigration and Housing Policy
    Immigration and Housing: North-Western Europe
    Immigration and Housing: USA
    Impact Fees
    Impairment and Experience of Home
    Inclusionary Zoning to Support Affordable Housing
    Industrial Organisation of Mortgage Industries in the United States
    Inequalities in European Cities
    Informal Housing: Asia
    Informal Housing: Colonias in the United States
    Informal housing: Latin America
    Institutional Economics: New
    Institutional Economics: Traditional
    Institutions and Governance Networks in Housing and Urban Regeneration
    Institutions for Housing Supply
    Institutions for Neighbourhood Renewel
    Institutions that Represent Housing Professionals
    Intermediate Housing Tenures
    Islamic Housing Finance
    Key Worker Housing Policies
    Land Owners
    Land Registration Institutions: Developed World
    Land Titling and Housing Delivery
    Life Course
    Living Rooms
    Local Government Property Taxes
    Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
    Maintenance and Repair
    Master Plan Developers
    Material Cultures of Domestic Interiors: Africa
    Material Cultures of Domestic Interiors: India
    Material Cultures of Domestic Interiors: Japan
    Material Cultures of Domestic Interiors: Transnationalism
    Material Cultures of Home
    Meanings of Home
    Meanings of Home for Moveable Habitats
    Meanings of Home for Older People
    Meanings of Home in Popular Culture
    Meanings of Home: Gender Dimensions
    Memory and Nostalgia at Home
    Mental Health and Homelessness
    Microfinance for Housing
    Migration and Housing: Global South
    Migration and Population
    Migration and Urban Living in Less Developed Countries
    Migration: Ethnicity, Race and Mobility
    Mobility and Community
    Mobility Programs for Disadvantaged Populations:  The Moving to Opportunity Programs
    Modern Methods of Construction
    Monetary Policy, Wealth Effects and Housing
    Mortgage Choice: Behavioral Finance
    Mortgage Choice: Classical Economics
    Mortgage Contracts: Flexible
    Mortgage Contracts: Traditional
    Mortgage Default: Consequences
    Mortgage Default: Determinants
    Mortgage Default: Well-being in the United States
    Mortgage Equity Withdrawal
    Mortgage Innovation
    Mortgage Insurance
    Mortgage Interest Rate Regulation
    Mortgage Lenders and Loans
    Mortgage Market Functioning
    Mortgage Market Regulation: Europe
    Mortgage Market Regulation: North America
    Mortgage Market, Character and Trends: Africa
    Mortgage Market, Character and Trends: Brazil
    Mortgage Market, Character and Trends: China
    Mortgage Market, Character and Trends: France
    Mortgage Market, Character and Trends: Germany
    Mortgage Market, Character and Trends: India
    Mortgage Market, Character and Trends: Italy
    Mortgage Market, Character and Trends: Japan
    Mortgage Market, Character and Trends: Korea
    Mortgage Market, Character and Trends: Mexico
    Mortgage Market, Character and Trends: United Kingdom
    Mortgage Market, Character and Trends: United States
    Mortgage Markets and Macro-Instability
    Mortgage Markets: Regulation and Intervention
    Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance
    Multiple Homes
    Nature in the Home
    Neighbourhood Design: Green Space and Parks
    Neighbourhood Design: Public Spaces
    Neighbourhood Design: Urban Outdoor Experience
    Neighbourhood Disadvantage
    Neighbourhood Effects
    Neighbourhood Effects: Approaches
    Neighbourhood Governance
    Neighbourhood Improvement: The Role of Housing and Housing Institutions
    Neighbourhood Incivilities
    Neighbourhood Planning
    Neighbourhood Reputation
    Neighbourhood Watch
    Neoclassical Models of the Housing Market
    Neural Networks and Analytic Hierarchy Processes
    New Urban Economics and Residential Location
    New Urbanism and Smart Growth Movements
    Notaries and Legal Professionals
    Older People: Housing Institutions
    Older People: Well-being
    Older People: Well-being and Neighbourhoods
    Ontological Security
    Path Dependency
    People and the Built Form
    Peripheral Neighbourhoods
    Philosophical Perspectives on Home
    Place Attachment
    Planning Institutions: Canada/United States
    Planning Institutions: China
    Planning Institutions: Post-Socialist
    Policies to Address Homelessness
    Policies to Address Homelessness: Criminalisation and Control of Public Space
    Policies to Address Homelessness: Housing First Approaches
    Policies to Address Homelessness: Partnership-Based Approaches in Ireland
    Policies to Address Homelessness: Prevention in the United Kingdom
    Policies to Address Homelessness: Rights-Based Approaches
    Policies to Address Homelessness: 'Staircase Models'
    Policies to Address Redlining
    Policies to Address Social Mix in Communities
    Policies to Address Spatial Mismatch
    Policies to Promote Housing Choice in Transition Countries
    Policies to Promote the Environmental Efficiency of Housing
    Policies to Support Access and Affordability of Housing
    Policy Instruments that Support Housing Supply: Social Housing
    Policy Instruments that Support Housing Supply: Supply-side Subsidies
    Political Ideologies
    Politics of Housing
    Post-Bubble housing in Japan
    Post-Conflict Housing Restitutions
    Post-Disaster Housing and Reconstruction
    Price Determination in Housing Markets
    Price Dynamics in Housing Markets
    Privacy, Sanctuary and Privatism
    Private Protection and Housing Property Insurers in the United States
    Private Rental Landlords: Developing Countries
    Private Rental Landlords: Europe
    Private Rental Landlords: North America
    Private Sector Housing Management: Asia Pacific
    Private Sector Housing Management: Europe
    Private Sector Housing Management: North America
    Private Sector Housing Management: Post-Socilaist
    Privatisation of Housing: Implications for Well-being
    Privatisation of Social Housing
    Property Rights Approaches
    Public-Private Housing Partnerships
    Qualitative Interviewing
    Qualitative Methods in Housing Research
    Real Estate Agents
    Regulation Theory
    Remittances and Well-being
    Rent Policies For Social Housing
    Rental Market and Rental Policies in Less Developed Countries
    Representations of Home: Literature and Language
    Representations of Home: Painting
    Representations of Home: Photos and Film
    Representations of Homelessness
    Research Networks and Professional Institutions in Housing
    Resident and Neighbourhood Movements
    Residential Property Derivatives
    Residential Real Estate Investment Trusts
    Residential Segregation
    Residential Segregation and Education
    Residential Segregation and Ethnic Diversity in the United States
    Residential Segregation: Apartheid
    Residential Segregation: Experiences of African Americans
    Residential Segregation: Measurement on Housing
    Residential Segregation: Race and Ethnicity
    Residential Urban Form and Transport
    Restorative Housing Environments
    Rights to Housing Tenure
    Rights to Housing: Developing Societies
    Rights to Housing: International Instruments
    Rights to Housing: Marginalised Housing Groups
    Rights to Land Tenure
    Rights to the City
    Rights, Citzenship, and Shelter
    Risk in Housing Markets
    Rural Communities
    Rural Homelessness in India
    Rural Homelessness: An International Perspective
    Rural Housing
    Rurality and Housing
    Second Homes
    Security of Tenure in Muslim Communities
    Security of Tenure Legislation in Private Rental Housing
    Self Help: Land Development
    Self-Build: Global North
    Self-Build: Global South
    Self-Build: Latin America
    Self-Help and Informal Sector Housing in the United States and Canada
    Self-Help Housing Organisations
    Self-Help: Policy Assistance
    Self-Provided Housing in Developed Societies
    Shanty Towns
    Shared Equity
    Shelter and Development
    Shelter and Settlement for Forcibly Displaced People
    Simulation Models for Housing Analysis
    Simulation Models for Urban Economies
    Slum Clearance
    Small-Area Spatial Statistics
    Social Class and Housing
    Social Construction
    Social Exclusion and Housing
    Social History
    Social Housing and Employment
    Social Housing and Social Problems
    Social Housing in the United States: Overview
    Social Housing Institutions in Europe
    Social Housing Landlords: Asia Pacific
    Social Housing Landlords: China
    Social Housing Landlords: Europe
    Social Housing Landlords: Latin America
    Social Housing Landlords: North America
    Social Housing Landlords: Post-Socialist
    Social Housing: Allocation
    Social Housing: Finance
    Social Housing: Measures to Attract Private Finance
    Social Justice
    Social Mix in Western Countries
    Social Movements and Housing
    Social Policy Approaches
    Social Psychological Perspectives on Homelessness
    Social Spaces and Urban Policies
    Social Sustainability
    Social Theory and Housing
    Socio-Legal Perspectives
    Spatial Economics
    Spatial Mismatch
    Squatter Settlement Clearance
    Squatting: Developing world
    Squatting: United Kingdom
    Stakeholder Analysis for Housing
    Structure and Agency
    Subprime and Predatory Lending: Legal Regulation
    Subprime Mortgages
    Suburban Homes
    Supply Elasticity of Housing
    Supply-Side Subsidies for Affordable Rental Housing
    Supported Housing
    Sustainable Communities
    Sustainable Housing cultures
    Sustainable Lifestyles
    Sustainable Regeneration
    Sustainable Urban Development
    Systems Theory
    Taxation and Subsidies: The US Case
    Taxation Policy and Housing
    Technology and Surveillance in the Home
    Temporary Housing
    Tenant Co-operatives, Shareholders' Housing Companies
    Tenure as an Institution
    Textual and Linguistic Analysis
    Time and the Economic Analysis of Housing Systems
    Transaction Costs in Housing Markets
    Upgrading Informal Settlements
    Urban Regeneration in Latin America
    Urbanisation and Housing the Poor: Overview
    User Cost, Home Ownerhip and House Prices: Theory and Evidence from the United States
    Vacancy Chains
    Vernacular Housing
    Visual Research Methods
    Water Supply and Sanitation
    Welfare Agencies and Assistance: United States
    Welfare State and Housing
    Well-being and Housing in the Caribbean
    Women and Housing Organisations 

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  • No. of pages: 3862
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Elsevier Science 2012
  • Published: June 11, 2012
  • Imprint: Elsevier Science
  • Hardcover ISBN: 9780080471631

About the Editor in Chief

Susan Smith

Mistress of Girton College at the University of Cambridge, held the Ogilivie Chair of Geography at the University of Edinburgh and was Director of the Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Durham. She is a Fellow of the British Academy, an inaugural member of the Academy of Social Sciences, a Fellow at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and a member of the Society of Authors.

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Girton College, Cambridge, UK

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