Internal Photoemission Spectroscopy

1st Edition

Principles and Applications

Print ISBN: 9780080451459
eBook ISBN: 9780080555898
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 20th November 2007
Page Count: 312
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Interfaces of solid materials play more and more important role when the size of active elements used in different areas of science and technology shrinks to the range of nanometers. This urges development of analytical tools specifically sensitive to the material properties in vicinity of its boundary with other phase (a heterojunction). The present book describes for the first time the basics of internal photoemission spectroscopy - the method based on detection of electron transitions from one solid to another. This spectroscopy combines the interface sensitivity typical of the conventional vacuum photoelectron spectroscopy and sufficient depth and the non-destructive character of analysis characteristic to the optical spectroscopy. The application of internal photoemission to characterization of electronic properties of materials is reviewed with emphasis on the rapidly developing area of semiconductor heterojunctions for advanced microelectronic devices.


This book is suitable for academic researchers in solid state physics and electrical engineering, R&D units in semiconductor industry and graduate students in solid state physics and electrical engineering.


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