Intermetallic matrix composites are a widely used material as they have properties that lie between metals and ceramics. Because of this, they have become an increasingly popular choice for high temperature applications within several industries. This book is a comprehensive guide that begins by looking at types and properties of intermetallic matrix composites. It then looks at processing techniques as well as characterization and various testing methods associated with these composites. This book also looks at modelling techniques that are used, the strengthening mechanisms and the important area of failure and repair. Advanced /complex IMCs are then explained such as Self-healing IMCs and laminated intermetallic composites. The book concludes by looking at the industries that use these materials, such as the automotive industry.

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The environment and business - opportunity and threat; Developing an effective strategy for environmental risk management; The legal position; Direct risk; Indirect (credit) risk appraisal: Evaluating environmental factors; Land as security; Environmental risks and project finance; Environmental risk management: The way ahead; Appendices.


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