Intensive Care

1st Edition

An Illustrated Colour Text


  • Michael Avidan
  • Kara Barnett
  • Laureen Hill
  • Lara Hopley
  • Nicola Jones
  • Johan van Schalkwyk
    • Print ISBN 9780443100604

    Key Features

    • Offers an accessible and highly illustrated introduction to intensive care medicine - ideal for any medical personnel working in the intimidating environment of the ICU for the first time
    • Concise, double page spread design permits rapid review of essential information
    • Concise but comprehensive coverage of all the main intensive care topics ranging from patient evaluation and ICU procedures through to organ system problems, infection, burns and poisoning
    • Text is enlivened by clinical case-based questions and answers and pull out ‘practice point boxes’ and ‘fine print’ points for more advanced readers
    • Wide range of colour clinical photographs, radiological images, ECGs and artwork schematics
    • International author team ensures suitability for all markets

    Table of Contents

    INTRODUCTION * The history of intensive care * What is intensive care?

    SAFETY AND QUALITY IN THE ICU * Evidence-based intensive care * Critical care transport * Drug interactions

    EVALUATION OF THE ICU PATIENT * Clinical excellence * Monitoring in the ICU

    ICU PROCEDURES The airway in the ICU * Vascular access in the ICU * Fibreoptic bronchoscopy in the ICU * Cerebrospinal fluid, lumbar puncture and lumbar drain

    ORGAN SUPPORT * Mechanical ventilation * Renal replacement therapy * Mechanical circulatory support

    HOMEOSTASIS * Circulation * Oxygen delivery * ICU acid–basics * Carbon dioxide * Thermal disorders

    FOOD, SALT AND FLUIDS * Feeding and starving in the ICU * Electrolyte abnormalities * Fluid therapy in the ICU * Blood and blood components

    ORGAN SYSTEMS: CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM * Neurological assessment * Central nervous system injury * Weakness in the ICU * Seizures * Altered mental states * Analgesia in the ICU * ICU sedation * Organ donation

    ORGAN SYSTEMS: CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM * Monitoring the cardiovascular system * Ischaemic heart disease * Heart failure in the ICU * Arrhythmia * Pacing * Cardiac surgery * Pulmonary hypertension * Valvular and congenital heart disease

    ORGAN SYSTEMS: RESPIRATORY * Respiratory failure * Asthma * Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease * The ICU chest X-ray

    ORGAN SYSTEMS: GASTROINTESTINAL/RENAL * Renal failure * Gastrointestinal bleeding * Gastrointestinal motility disorders * Cholecystitis/pancreatitis * Liver failure

    ORGAN SYSTEMS: ENDOCRINE * Endocrine function in the ICU * Diabetes mellitus in the ICU * Endocrine emergencies

    HAEMATOLOGICAL * Clotting and bleeding: a delicate balance * Thrombosis in the ICU * Bleeding in the ICU

    INFECTION * Prevention and treatment of infections * Sepsis and septic shock* Central nervous system infection * Pneumonia * Infections associated with prosthetic material in the ICU * The immunocompromised pati


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