Integrated Theory & Knowledge Development in Nursing - 8th Edition

Integrated Theory & Knowledge Development in Nursing

8th Edition

Authors: Peggy Chinn Maeona Kramer
Imprint: Mosby


Practical and unique, Chinn and Kramer's Integrated Theory and Knowledge Development in Nursing, 8th Edition helps you understand how nursing theory and patterns of knowing complement each other to assist any nurse in making choices in research and practice. It examines various concepts of knowledge development, encouraging you to see the relationship between the different types of knowledge, reflect on important concepts, and explore how evidence-based nursing theory can be used to improve patient care.

Key Features

  • See how theory can be applied to practice with integrated discussions of how to use evidence-based practice to improve the quality of care.
  • Gain a better understanding of the patterns of knowing and how they are all related with a full-color insert that demonstrates the fundamentals of knowing in a highly visual format.
  • Discussions of theory, theory development, and the relationship of theory to nursing research and practice help you to apply what you have learned to practice.
  • Master the essential features of conceptual frameworks with Interpretive Summaries that highlight exactly what you need to know.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Nursing's Fundamental Patterns of Knowing

Knowledge for a Practice Discipline

Knowing and Knowledge

Overview of Nursing's Patterns of Knowing

Processes for Developing Nursing Knowledge

Why Develop Nursing's Patterns of Knowing?

Reflection and Discussion

Chapter 2 The History of Knowledge Development in Nursing

From Antiquity to Nightingale

From Nightingale to Science

Knowing Patterns in the Early Literature

The Emergence of Nursing as a Science

Trends in Knowledge Development

The Contexts of Knowledge Development

Reflection and Discussion

Chapter 3 Emancipatory Knowledge Development

The Concept of Emancipatory Knowing

The Rebirth of Emancipatory Knowing in Nursing

The Dimensions of Emancipatory Knowing

Reflection and Discussion

Chapter 4 Ethical Knowledge Development

Ethics, Morality, and Nursing

Overview of Ethical Perspectives

Nursing's Focus on Ethics and Morality

Dimensions of Ethical Knowledge Development

Reflection and Discussion

Chapter 5 Personal Knowledge Development

Personal Knowing in Nursing

Conceptual Meanings of Personal Knowing

Dimensions of Personal Knowing

Reflection and Discussion

Chapter 6 Aesthetic Knowledge Development

Art and Aesthetics

Aesthetic Knowing

The Dimensions of Aesthetic Knowing

Reflection and Discussion

Chapter 7 Empiric Knowledge Development: Conceptualizing and Structuring

What Is Empiric Theory?

Creating Conceptual Meaning

What Is a Concept?

Methods for Creating Conceptual Meaning

Structuring and Contextualizing Theory

Reflection and Discussion

Chapter 8


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About the Author

Peggy Chinn

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Connecticut School of Nursing, Storrs, CT

Maeona Kramer

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT