Instrumentation for the Operating Room - 8th Edition - ISBN: 9780323077392, 9780323076951

Instrumentation for the Operating Room

8th Edition

A Photographic Manual

Authors: Shirley Tighe
eBook ISBN: 9780323076951
eBook ISBN: 9780323242424
Imprint: Mosby
Published Date: 8th March 2011
Page Count: 352

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With more than 1,000 photographs of surgical instruments and instrument tips in the book and online, Instrumentation for the Operating Room: A Photographic Manual, 8th Edition, shows more illustrations than any other manual. Instruments are organized by surgical specialty, beginning with basic sets and progressing to more advanced sets. Instructions on preparation, sterilization, and setup, as well as clear explanations for common surgical procedures can be found throughout the book. Within each chapter, instruments are commonly featured individually and as parts of sets, often showing close-up, individual tips. Written by an experienced perioperative nurse, Shirley Tighe, this edition includes new photographs of the operating room and of robotic and micro-surgical instruments, plus a companion Evolve website with additional photographs, flashcards, and review questions.

Key Features

  • Over 800 photographs of both individual and sets of instruments, including whole instruments and instrument tips, help in distinguishing between similar types.
  • Instrument Preparation for Surgery unit discusses the importance of proper instrument handling and sterilization, including the proper placement within sterilization trays.
  • A logical organization covers instruments by surgical procedures, beginning with simpler surgeries and building to more complex, specialized instruments and setups.
  • Entire units focus on female reproductive surgery and pediatric surgery, both of which are key areas not well covered in other books.
  • Excellent quality photographs on a consistent background enhance the detail and true color of the instruments.
  • Spiral-bound format allows the book to lay flat for easier access while on the job.

Table of Contents

Unit One: Instrument Preparation for Surgery

1. Care and Handling of Surgical Instruments

2. Sterilization Container Systems

Unit Two: General Surgery

3. Operating Room Suite/Basic Laparotomy

4. Abdominal Self-Retaining Retractors

5. Extra Long Instruments

6. Skin Staplers

7. Small Laparotomy Set

8. Minor Laparoscopic Set

9. Laparoscopy

10. Laparoscopic Adult MIS Set

11. Laser Laparoscope

12. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

13. Cholecystectomy

14. Laparoscopic Bowel Resection

15. Bowel Resection

16. Sigmoidoscopy

17. Hemorrhoidectomy and/or Pilonidal Cystectomy

18. Laparoscopic Gastric Banding

19. Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass

20. The da Vinci¨ Surgical System and EndoWrist¨ Instruments (Robotic Instruments)

21. Breast Biopsy/Lumpectomy

22. Mastectomy

23. Vascular Access Device Insertion

Unit Three: Female Reproductive Surgery

24. Dilatation and Curettage of the Uterus (D and C)

25. Hysteroscopy

26. Abdominal Hysterectomy

27. Supracervical Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

28. Vaginal Hysterectomy

29. Laparoscopic Tubal Occulusion

30. Microtuboplasty

Unit Four: Genitourinary Surgery

31. Cystoscopy

32. Nephrectomy and Ureteroplasty

33. Urethroscopy

34. Prostatectomy

35. Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP)

36. Vasectomy

37. Kidney Transplant

Unit Five: Orthopedic Surgery

38. Basic Orthopedic Surgery

39. Soft Tissue Set

40. Power Saws and Drills, Battery Powered

41. Small Joint Arthroscope Set

42. Arthroscopic Carpal Tunnel Instruments

43. Small/Minor Joint Replacement

44. Total Ankle Prosthesis

45. Arthroscopy of the Knee

46. Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction with Patellar Tendon Bone Graft Instruments

47. Total Knee Replacement

48. Total Knee Prosthesis

49. Shoulder Surgery Instruments

50. Hip Fracture

51. Hip Retractors

52. Total Hip Replacement

53. Total Hip Instruments (Zimmer-VerSys)

54. Total Hip Prosthesis (VerSys Hip System)

55. Spinal Fusion with Rodding

56. Long Bone Rodding for Fracture Fixation

57. ASIF Universal Femoral Distractor Set

58. Synthes Retrograde/Antegrade Femoral Nail

59. Synthes Unreamed Tibial Nails

60. Synthes Unreamed Tibial Nail Insertion and Locking Instruments

61. External Fixation of Fractures

62. ASIF Pelvic Instrument Set

63. ASIF Mini Fixation Set

64. Surgery on Pediatric and Small-Statured Patients

Unit Six: Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery

65. Basic Eye Set

66. Cataract Removal

67. Clear Corneal Set

68. Corneal Transplant

69. Deep Lamellar Endothelial Keratoplasty (DLEK)

70. Glaucoma

71. Eye Muscle Surgery

72. Retinal Detachment

73. Vitrectomy

74. Keratoplasty

75. Oculoplastic Instrument Set

76. Dacrocystorhinotomy (DCR)

77. Orbital Instruments

78. Eye Enucleation

79. Myringotomy

80. Basic Ear Set

81. Tympanoplasty

82. Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy (T and A)

83. Septoplasty (SMR) and Rhinoplasty

84. Nasal Polyp Instruments

85. Nasal Fracture Reduction

86. Sinus Surgery

Unit Seven: Oral, Maxillary, and Facial Surgery

87. Facial Fracture Set

88. Orthognathic Surgery

89. Titanium 2.0-mm Micro-Fixation System

90. Tooth Extraction Set

Unit Eight: Plastic Surgery

91. Minor Plastic Set

92. Skin Graft

Unit Nine: Peripheral Vascular, Cardiovascular, and Thoracic Surgery

93. Endarterectomy

94. Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair

95. Abdominal Vascular Set (Open Procedure)

96. Tracheotomy

97. Thoracoscopy

98. Thoracic Instruments

99. Cardiac Surgery

100. Open Heart Microinstruments

101. Sternal Saws and Sternum Knife

102. Open Heart Extras

103. Cardiovascular Instruments

104. Open Heart Valve Extras

105. Return Open Heart Set

106. Vein Retrieval Instruments

107. Radial Artery Harvest Set

Unit Ten: Pediatric Surgery

108. Pediatric Neonatal/Infant Laryngoscope and Bronchoscopy Set

109. Pediatric Chest Instruments

110. Pediatric Vascular Instruments

111. Pediatric Laparoscopic (MIS) Set

112. Pediatric Pyloromyotomy Laparoscopic (MIS) Set

Unit Eleven: Neurosurgery

113. Craniotomy

114. Neurologic Bone Pan Instruments

115. Neurologic Retractors

116. Medtronic Midas Rex Electric Drill

117. Rhoton Neurologic Microinstrument Set

118. CUSA Handpieces

119. Neurologic Shunt Instruments

120. MINOP Neuroendoscopy Set

121. ICP Monitoring Tray

122. Yasargil Aneurysm Clips with Appliers

123. Synthes Low-Profile Cranial Plating Set

124. Laminectomy

125. Williams Laminectomy Microretractors

126. Anterior Cervical Fusion

127. Casper Set

128. ASIF Anterior Cervical Locking Plating Instruments


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About the Author

Shirley Tighe

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Perioperative Nursing Consultant, Lake Havasu City, AZ