Instrumentation, Control and Automation of Water and Wastewater Treatment and Transport Systems

1st Edition

Proceedings of the 5th IAWPRC Workshop Held in Yokohama and Kyoto, Japan, 26 July–3 August 1990

Editors: R. Briggs
Hardcover ISBN: 9780080407760
eBook ISBN: 9781483150024
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1990
Page Count: 794
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Instrumentation, Control and Automation of Water and Wastewater Treatment and Transport Systems documents the proceedings of the 5th IAWPRC Workshop held in Yokohama and Kyoto, Japan, 26 July-3 August 1990. The papers presented at this Workshop have emphasized the following aspects:
• new sensor technology based on developments in electrochemistry, fiber optics, and electro-optics; • research into materials such as those needed to produce membranes of the required selectivity, for immobilization of reactive species, and for addition of reagents and standards;
• the use of inferential measurements coupled with expert system technology; • the ever-increasing power of microprocessors and the continuing reduction in their unit costs; • better communications capability; • improved mathematical modeling; • an increased awareness of the improved management that results from the timely availability of relevant data to the appropriate levels in the management hierarchy. This book, together with the proceedings of previous workshops, provides what is probably the most comprehensive account of the state of the art and recent developments in instrumentation, control, and automation as applied to the water and water-using industries, and as such will be invaluable to the practitioner, the researcher, and the student community.

Table of Contents

Editorial Invited Lectures — Yokohama Session Integrated Waterworks Management System: Current Status and Future Tasks Wessex Water's Integrated Water Distribution Management System Supervisory Control System for Sludge Treatment Plant Supervisory Control System for Sludge Transportation Kyoto Session (Oral Presentations) Instrumentation Water Treatment Instrumentation and Control in the UK Water Industry: A Review On-line Monitoring of Residual Chlorine Anaerobic Processes Anaerobic Process Control by Automated Bicarbonate Monitoring Oxygen Demand Monitoring The Continuous Measurement of Short-time BOD On-line Meter for Respiration Rate and Short-term Biochemical Oxygen Demand in the Control of the Activated Sludge Process BOD Measurement of Non-toxic Wastewaters with an Improved Microbial Probe Continuous Follow-up of Aerated Granular Biofilters with On-line Sensors Operation and Control Parameter Estimation Non-Linear Programming Problems of Wastewater Treatment Processes Application of a System with Automatic Control of Aeration Time to the Intermittent-Aeration Activated Sludge Process in an Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant On Identifiability of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration Dynamics Statistical Modeling and Control System Identification and Control of Activated Sludge Process by Use of Autoregressive Model Automatic Measurement and Statistical Analysis of Operation Data on Drying Fluidized-Bed Incineration Plant Operator Control Application of Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Electronic Waste Effluent Treatment Plant — Malaysian Experience A Wastewater/Water Process Monitoring System Allowing Operational Control — Developed by an Operational Manager Computer Aided Plant Operation in Wastewater Treatment Computerized D


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