Instrumentation Control and Automation for Waste-Water Treatment Systems

Instrumentation Control and Automation for Waste-Water Treatment Systems

Progress in Water Technology

1st Edition - January 1, 1974

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  • Editors: J. F. Andrews, R. Briggs, S. H. Jenkins
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483159294

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Progress in Water Technology, Volume 6: Instrumentation Control and Automation for Waste-Water Treatment Systems contains the proceedings of the International Association on Water Pollution Research Workshop on Instrumentation Control and Automation for Waste-water Treatment Systems, held in London in September 1973. Contributors review major advances that have been made in instrumentation control and automation of wastewater treatment. This volume consists of 70 chapters organized into six sections. The work of the Directorate General Water Engineering in the Department of the Environment in the UK and the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States with respect to promotion of instrumentation, control, and automation for wastewater treatment systems is first discussed. This discussion is followed by a chapter that describes the effects of water pollution legislation in The Netherlands on the selection of wastewater treatment plants and their consequences for consulting engineers regarding process, technical, and economical feasibility. A real-time water quality management system for a major river in Pennsylvania is also considered, along with effluent control and instrumentation in Europe. The chapters that follow focus on instrumentation and control problems in the design of a modern sewage works; installation of field equipment in automated process control systems; process control for biological treatment of organic industrial wastewaters; and the use of computers to control sewage treatment. This book will be of interest to authorities, planners, and policymakers involved in wastewater treatment and water pollution control.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by Conference Chairmen

    Opening Address


    Session I Instrumentation, Automation and Control for Waste-water Treatment Systems

    1. The DGWE's Contribution to the Promotion of Instrumentation, Control and Automation for Waste-water Treatment Systems

    2. United States Environmental Protection Agency Activities in Instrumentation, Automation and Control

    3. A Dutch Approach Towards Sewage Treatment and Automation of Sewage Treatment Plants

    4. Water-Quality Control, Treatment and Automation of River Systems

    5. Effluent Control and Instrumentation in Europe

    6. Potential Computer Use in Coordinating the Combined Sewer-Collection Systems with Storage Reservoirs, Treatment Plants, Receiving Streams and Power Demands for Flood and Pollution Control

    7. The Construction Industry Research and Information Association Optimization Study of Sewage Treatment: Its Significance for the Control of Treatment Works

    8. Instrumentation and Control Problems in the Design of a Modern Sewage Works

    9. State Development of Waste-water Treatment Plant Performance Surveillance and Evaluation Systems

    10. Problems Involved in Automating the Waste-water Treatment Plant

    11. Automatic Control of the Activated-Sludge Process and Potential Savings in Treatment Costs

    12. Operational Control of the Activated-Sludge Process Return-Sludge-Flow Control

    Discussion, Session I

    Session II Instrumentation for Measurement of Waste-water Characteristics

    13. Instrumentation and Control in Sewage Treatment

    14. Sludge Solids Concentration and Velocity-Flow Measurement Using Electrical Noise Techniques

    15. Continuous Monitoring of Suspended Solids, Temperature, DO, NH3 and NO3 in Activated-Sludge Treatment

    16. Measurement of Sludge Density by Ultrasonic Wave

    17. The Development of a System for the Automatic Withdrawal of Raw Sludge from a Primary Sedimentation Tank

    18. Experience in Instrumental and Automated Determination of Organic Matter in Sewages and Effluents

    19. The Measurement of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in Waters and Effluents

    20. Hydromat. A Continuous COD-Measuring Instrument

    21. Quick-Time Instrumental Measurements of Waste-water Organic Characteristics

    22. Magnetic Flow Meters (A New Sludge Meter)

    23. Flow Measurement

    24. Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pump-Control Device

    25. Dissolved Oxygen Control of Activated-Sludge Process

    26. Dissolved Oxygen Control for the Activated-Sludge Process

    27. Automatic Control of Oxford Diffused Air Aeration Plant with Dissolved Oxygen Probes

    28. Automatic On-line Selective-Ion Monitor

    29. Instrumental Measurement of Suspended Solids for Activated-Sludge Plant Control

    Discussion, Session (II)

    Session III Control Systems for Waste-water Treatment (1)

    30. Development of Control Strategies for Waste-water Treatment Plants

    31. Possibilities for the Control of an Activated-Sludge Treatment Plant

    32. Carbarns Pollution-Control Works: Process Control in Waste-water Treatment

    33. A Unified Approach to Process Control Systems

    34. Commercially Available Proven Measuring and Control Systems—A Critical Review of US Practice

    35. Planning a Necessary Prerequisite to Automation Design

    36. Installation of Field Equipment in Automated Process Control Systems

    37. Load Balancing at Greater London Council Works

    38. Automatic Flow Balancing

    39. Process Control for Biological Treatment of Organic Industrial Waste-waters

    40. Control and Stability of Industrial, Activated-Sludge Plants Subject to Toxic or Inhibitory Waste Load Fluctuation

    Discussion, Session III

    Session IV Control Systems for Waste-water Treatment (2)

    41. Activated-Sludge Process Control: Instrumentation and Computer

    42. The Design of a Flexible Control System for an Activated Sludge Plant

    43. Emphasis of Hydraulic Factors in Biological Process Control

    44. Control Strategies for the Activated-sludge Process

    45. Biological Treatment of Waste Waters and Process Automation

    46. Chlorine Residual Control in Waste-water Treatment

    47. Control of Dentrification Process at Waste-water Treatment Plant

    48. Automation of Whitlingham Works, Norwich

    49. Has Your Treatment Works Too Many Instruments?

    50. What Degree of Automation?—Blackbirds Works—Case Study

    51. Control Equipment Installation—Blackbirds Works—Case Study

    Discussion, Session IV

    Session V Computer Control for Waste-water Systems

    52. An Application Study of Computer Control for Sewage Treatment

    53. Data Management and Computerized Control of Secondary Waste-water Treatment Plant

    54. An Introduction to Computers in Process Control

    55. Interfacing the Sewer Network with the Treatment Plant

    56. Wigan Hoscar Sewage-disposal Works—Instrumentation and Control

    57. Interfacing the Process Computer with the Plant Operator

    58. Interfacing the Computer and the Plant to the Operator

    59. The Interface between the Operator and the Computer-Controlled Waste-water Treatment Plant

    60. The Design of Control-Room Panels

    61. Computer Monitoring and Control for the Primary Tanks at the Philadelphia Southwest Water Pollution-control Plant

    62. Activated-Sludge Waste-water Treatment Plant Control by Instrumentation and Computer

    63. Computer Application at Chicago's Salt Creek Water-Reclamation Plant

    64. Design of Waste-water Treatment Plants for Computer Control

    65. Combined Sewage Sludge and Refuse Incineration. The First British Plant

    Discussion, Session V

    Session VI Computer Control for Waste-water Treatment Systems

    66. Instrumentation and Computer Systems for Automatic Control of Chicago's Salt Creek Water-Reclamation Plant

    67. Design of Activated-Sludge Plants for Computer Control

    68. Physical-Chemical Waste-water Treatment under Digital Computer Control

    69. Computer Applications in a Chemical/Physical Waste-water Treatment Plant

    70. Direct Digital Control of Central Contra Cost Sanitary District Water-Reclamation Plant

    Discussion, Session VI

    Author Index

    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 590
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1974
  • Published: January 1, 1974
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483159294

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