Insect Viruses

Insect Viruses

Biotechnological Applications

1st Edition - September 22, 2006

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  • Editor: Byrony Bonning
  • eBook ISBN: 9780080464787

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Baculoviruses are perhaps unique among viruses in the breadth of their biotechnological applications: these insect specific viruses are used not only for insect pest management purposes, but also as laboratory research tools for production of recombinant proteins and for protein display, and as potential vectors for human gene therapy. In addition to highlighting recent advances, this volume provides a comprehensive review of the biotechnological applications of these and other insect viruses in both the academic and private sectors.


Researchers and postgraduates within academia and industry working in virology, entomology, biotechnology, insect pest management and biological control, human gene therapy, vaccinology, plant pathology, drug discovery, and genetics

Table of Contents

    • Preface
    • Insect Viruses As Laboratory Research Tools
      • Milestones Leading to the Genetic Engineering of Baculoviruses as Expression Vector Systems and Viral Pesticides
        • Abstract
        • I Introduction
        • II Baculovirus Advances Before the Application of Recombinant DNA
        • III Recombinant DNA Technologies
        • IV Quality Improvements: Expression Vectors, Enhanced Expression, Secretion, and Protein Integrity
        • V Pathways of Baculovirus Invasion and Infection
        • VI Genetically Engineered Viral Pesticides
        • VII Other Notable Developments Emerging from Baculovirus Molecular Biology and the BEVS
        • VIII Conclusions
        • Acknowledgments
      • Polydnavirus Genes that Enhance the Baculovirus Expression Vector System
        • Abstract
        • I The BEVS: Advantages and Limitations
        • II Enhancement of the BEVS in Insect Cells: General
        • III Enhancement of the BEVS in Insect Cells by Campoletis sonorensis Ichnovirus Vankyrin Proteins (Vankyrin-Enhanced BEVS)
        • Acknowledgments
      • Baculovirus Display: A Multifunctional Technology for Gene Delivery and Eukaryotic Library Development
        • Abstract
        • I Introduction
        • II Targeting of Baculoviral Vectors by Surface Display
        • III Altering the Tropism of Baculoviral Vectors Through Pseudotyping
        • IV Baculovirus Display of Immunogens
        • V Generation of Display Libraries
        • VI Summary
      • Stably Transformed Insect Cell Lines: Tools for Expression of Secreted and Membrane-anchored Proteins and High-throughput Screening Platforms for Drug and Insecticide Discovery
        • Abstract
        • I Introduction
        • II Generation of Stably Transformed Cell Lines
        • III Expression of Secreted, Intracellular, and Membrane-Anchored Proteins
        • IV Screening Platforms for Drug and Insecticide Discovery
        • V Host Cell Engineering
        • VI Conclusions—Future Perspectives
        • Acknowledgments
    • Applications To Human And Animal Health
      • Protein N-Glycosylation in the Baculovirus–Insect Cell Expression System and Engineering of Insect Cells to Produce “Mammalianized” Recombinant Glycoproteins
        • Abstract
        • I Insect Protein N-Glycosylation and Its Importance
        • II Modification of Lepidopteran N-Glycosylation Pathways for Improved Processing and Function of Glycoproteins Produced with Baculovirus Expression Vectors
        • III Other Considerations and Future Improvements
        • IV Concluding Remarks
        • Acknowledgments
      • Vaccines for Viral and Parasitic Diseases Produced with Baculovirus Vectors
        • Abstract
        • I Introduction to Recombinant Subunit Vaccines
        • II The Baculovirus–Insect Cell Expression System for Vaccine Production
        • III Viral Subunits Expressed in the Baculovirus System
        • IV Baculovirus-Produced Vaccines Against Protozoan Parasites and Helminths
        • V Conclusions and Prospects
        • Acknowledgments
      • Baculoviruses and Mammalian Cell-based Assays for Drug Screening
        • Publisher Summary
        • I Introduction to BacMam
        • II Nuclear Receptors
        • III Transporters
        • IV G-Protein–Coupled Receptors
        • V Ion Channels
        • VI Viral Targets
        • VII Conclusions
        • Acknowledgments
      • Baculovirus Vectors for Gene Therapy
        • Abstract
        • I Baculovirus Transduction of Mammalian Cells
        • II Baculovirus Vectors for Gene Therapy
        • III Advantages and Limitations of Baculoviruses as Gene Therapy Vectors
        • IV Safety Issues Concerning the Use of Baculoviruses for Gene Therapy
        • V Conclusions and Prospects
        • Acknowledgments
    • Insect Pest Management
      • Genetically Modified Baculoviruses: A Historical Overview and Future Outlook
        • Abstract
        • I Introduction
        • II Biology of Baculoviruses
        • III Baculoviruses as Insecticides
        • IV Integration of Ideas, Recombinant Baculoviruses for Pest Control
        • V A New Era in Recombinant Baculoviruses, Insect-Selective Peptide Toxins
        • VI Era of Multilateral Development
        • VII Implementation of a Recombinant Baculovirus Insecticide
        • VIII Concluding Thoughts
        • Acknowledgments
      • Densoviruses for Control and Genetic Manipulation of Mosquitoes
        • Abstract
        • I Introduction
        • II The Biology of Mosquito Densoviruses
        • III Pathogenesis of Mosquito Densoviruses
        • IV Densovirus-Transducing Vectors
        • V Conclusion: Densoviruses and Vector-Borne Disease
        • Acknowledgments
      • Potential Uses of Cys-Motif and Other Polydnavirus Genes in Biotechnology
        • Abstract
        • I Introduction
        • II Polydnavirus Life Cycle and Induced Pathologies
        • III Factors from Parasitoids That Alter Host Physiology
        • IV Polydnavirus Genes
        • V CsIV Cys-Motif Genes and Potential Biotechnological Applications
        • VI Conclusion and Prospects for the Future Use of Polydnavirus Genes
        • Acknowledgments
      • Virus-Derived Genes for Insect-Resistant Transgenic Plants
        • Abstract
        • I Introduction
        • II Enzymes That Target the Peritrophic Membrane
        • III Enzymes That Target the Basement Membrane
        • IV Delivery of Intrahemocoelic Toxins from Plants
        • V Concluding Remarks
        • Acknowledgments
      • Small RNA Viruses of Insects: Expression in Plants and RNA Silencing
        • Abstract
        • I Insect RNA Viruses and Their Use as Biopesticides
        • II Pathology and Host Biology
        • III Production of Insect SRVs in Nonhost Systems
        • IV RNA Silencing in Plants and the Effect on Expression of Transgenes
        • V Conclusions
        • Acknowledgments
    • Index

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  • No. of pages: 552
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 2006
  • Published: September 22, 2006
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780080464787

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