Key Features

New to this edition:

  • Over 60% updated content — including nine completely new chapters — with the latest developments in technology, processes and materials
  • Now includes bioplastics, biopolymers, nanoparticles, and eco-design of packaging


Specialists in the food packaging industries, scientists involved in shelf life and food safety, advanced food science students at universities

Table of Contents

Part 1: Physical chemistry fundamentals for food packaging

Ch 1: Food packaging technologies and innovations: review
Ch 2: General characteristics of packaging materials
Ch 3: Mass transfer through packaging materials
Ch 4: Surface chemistry for foods and packaging materials
Ch 5: Plasticization and polymer morphology

Part 2: Active and intelligent packaging

Ch 6 Active packaging review
Ch 7 Antioxidative packaging system
Ch 8 Antimicrobial packaging system
Ch 9 Intelligent packaging for foods and agri-foods products

Part 3: Edible coating and films

Ch10 Edible coatings review
Ch11 Processes and applications for edible coating/film materials from agropolymers
Ch12 Edible coating and film materials: proteins
Ch13 Edible coating and fil materials: carbohydrates
Ch14 Edible coating and film materials: lipids and lipid emulsions

Part 4: Biopolymer Packaging

Ch15 Bio-plastics: chemistry and physics
Ch16 Utilization of biopolymers for packaging industry
Ch17 Thermoplastic starch
Ch18 Composite materials with nano-particles

Part 5: Commercial food packaging innovations

Ch19 Modified atmosphere packaging for fruits and vegetables
Ch20 Modified atmosphere packaging for meats, poultry and fish
Ch21 Modified atmosphere packaging for ready-to-eat products
Ch22 Microwavable packaging
Ch23 Packaging for non-thermal processing
Ch24 Eco-design for packaging innovations
Ch25 New packaging technologies and materials for fast-moving consumer products


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"This is a snapshot of the current state-of-the-art technologies and concepts in the field, written by a team of international food and packaging scientists. Physical chemistry fundamentals are briefly introduced in the first part of the book, and further sections describe specific breakthrough technologies; active and intelligent packaging, edible coating and biopolymers and films… Discussion throughout is rigorous and…quite interesting even to a layman.", February 2014
"Innovations in Food Packaging recognizes that food packaging is a fast-growing area that impacts upon the important areas of product shelf-life and food safety. Each chapter provides information on the scientific background, new material development and utilization, and case studies of the use of new system for perishable food products."--European Federation of Food Science & Technology Newsletter, July 2013