Innovations in Food Packaging addresses selective topics of functions of food packaging to modify the traditional notion of this process. This book is organized into five parts. Part I focuses on the fundamental theories covering physical chemistry background and quality preservation of foods. Parts II and III discuss active packaging research and development and modified atmosphere packaging of fresh produce, meats, and ready-to-eat products, respectively. Part IV talks about edible and biodegradable coatings and films, whereas Part V discusses commercialization aspects of packaging technologies. Each part is divided into chapters of subject review and detailed technical information. This text will benefit those who are interested in innovative technology of food packaging in general, and experienced field packaging specialists and graduate-level food scientists in particular. This book will be useful as a textbook not only for extension programs of food packaging development in food industry, but also for advanced graduate-level food packaging courses.

Table of Contents

Contributors Preface Part 1 Fundamental Theories Regarding the Physical and Chemical Background and Quality Preservation of Foods 1 New Technologies in Food Packaging: Overview Introduction Developments in Food Processing and Packaging Food Packaging Technologies New Food-Processing Technologies Future Trends in Food Packaging References 2 Mass Transfer of Gas and Solute through Packaging Materials Introduction General Theory Diffusivity Solubility/Partitioning Overall Mass Transfer of Gases and Solutes Summary References 3 Quality of Packaged Foods Introduction Kinetics Shelf Life Aseptic Packaging Conclusions References 4 Surface Chemistry of Food, Packaging and Biopolymer Materials Introduction Principles of Contact Angle and Surface Energy Techniques for Measuring the Contact Angle Applied Research Future Trends References Part 2 Active Packaging Research and Development 5 Introduction to Active Food Packaging Technologies Introduction Drivers for Choice of Active Packaging Forms of Active Packaging History of Active Packaging Impact on Packaging Materials and Processes Active Packaging and the Distribution Chain Regulatory Environment References 6 Antimicrobial Packaging Systems Introduction Food Safety Antimicrobial Packaging Antimicrobial Agents System Design Commercialization References 7 Packaging Containing Natural Antimicrobial or Antioxidative Agents Introduction Antimicrobial Packaging Antioxidative Packaging


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