The intimate apparel business is undergoing major technological change. New measurement and design techniques, combined with innovative materials and production methods, are transforming the range, quality and applications of women’s lingerie. This important book provides an authoritative review of these developments

After an introductory chapter on the concept of body beauty, a first group of chapters discuss innovations in the manufacture of brassieres, including developments in breast measurement and sizing, innovations in bra design and improvements in bra pattern technology. The following sequence of chapters reviews key developments in girdles. Topics discussed include innovations in girdle design and use and research on the physiological effects of body shapers. The book concludes by assessing developments in intimate apparel with special functions such as sports bras, and innovation in knitted and seamless intimate apparel.

Innovation and technology of women’s intimate apparel is a standard reference for designers and engineers working in this important area of the textile industry.

Key Features

  • Reviews the technological and innovative developments of ladies intimate apparel
  • Describes the research principles and scientific understandings of size, materials, pattern and fit to achieve functional and technical design
  • Written by leading experts in the field


Designers and engineers working in this important area of the textile industry

Table of Contents

Assessment of women’s body beauty; Breast measurement and sizing; Innovations in bras; Bra pattern technology; Innovations in girdles; Physical and physiological health effects of intimate apparel; Pressure evaluation of body shapers; Intimate apparel with special functions; Performance evaluation of knitted underwear; Process innovation in seamless intimate apparel.


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About the authors

W Yu

Dr Winnie Yu is a Associate Professor at the prestigious Institute of Textiles and Clothing at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

J Fan

Professor Jintu Fan was awarded a PhD from the University of Leeds in 1989 and is now Professor at the prestigious Institute of Textiles and Clothing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He has many publications in the area of clothing science and technology. He has also received the Distinguished Achievement Award of the US Fiber Society.

S-P Ng

Dr Sun-Pui Ng is a graduate of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

S Harlock

Formerly Senior Lecturer at the University of Leeds, Dr Simon Harlock is the Textile and Apparel Development Manager at Media Innovations Ltd, UK.