Infrastructure and Methodologies for the Justification of Nuclear Power Programmes

1st Edition

Editors: Agustin Alonso
Hardcover ISBN: 9781845699734
eBook ISBN: 9780857093776
Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
Published Date: 19th January 2012
Page Count: 1024
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Table of Contents

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Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy

Chapter 1: Overview of infrastructure and methodologies for the justification of nuclear power programmes


1.1 The past, current and future phases in the development of nuclear power

1.2 The main factors shaping the deployment of nuclear power

1.3 The bases for the development of nuclear power

1.4 Conclusion

Part I: Infrastructure of nuclear power programmes

Chapter 2: The lifecycle of a nuclear power plant


2.1 Introduction

2.2 Overview of the complete nuclear fuel cycle

2.3 Overview of the nuclear power plant lifecycle

2.4 Requirements for new nuclear power plants

2.5 Sources of further information and advice

Chapter 3: The role of government in establishing the framework for nuclear power programmes


3.1 Introduction

3.2 Role of government in the justification process

3.3 International requirements

3.4 Knowledge management

3.5 Regulatory requirements

3.6 New entrants

3.7 Future trends

Chapter 4: Regulatory requirements and practices in nuclear power programmes


4.1 Introduction

4.2 Basic characteristics of regulatory organizations

4.3 Creation, authority, responsibilities and competence of the regulatory body

4.4 Development, functions and management system of the regulatory body

4.5 Development of the regulatory framework and approaches

4.6 The regulatory function: development of a regulatory pyramid

4.7 Development of the licensing process and major regulatory activities during the licensing process

4.8 The compliance function: verification and oversight during construction and operation

4.9 The enforcement function

4.10 Regulatory transparency and openness, and the relation


The potential development of any nuclear power programme should include a rigorous justification process reviewing the substantial regulatory, economic and technical information necessary for implementation, given the long term commitments involved in any new nuclear power project. Infrastructure and methodologies for the justification of nuclear power programmes reviews the fundamental issues and approaches to nuclear power justification in countries considering nuclear new build or redevelopment.

Part one covers the infrastructure requirements for any new nuclear power programme, with chapters detailing the role and responsibilities of government, regulatory bodies and nuclear operator and the need for human resources and technical capability at the national level. Part two focuses on issues relevant to the justification process, including nuclear safety, radiation protection and emergency planning. Current designs and advanced reactors and radioactive waste management are also considered, along with the economic, social and environmental impacts of nuclear power development. Part three reviews the development of nuclear power programme, from nuclear power plant site selection and licensing, through construction and operation, and on to decommissioning. Finally, a series of valuable appendices detail the UK experience of justification, nuclear safety culture and training, and the multinational design evaluation programme (MDEP).

With its distinguished editor and expert team of contributors, Infrastructure and methodologies for the justification of nuclear power programmes is an essential reference for international and national stakeholders in this field, particularly governmental, non-governmental and regulatory bodies, nuclear power operators and consultants.

Key Features

  • Offers a comprehensive analysis of the infrastructure and methodologies required to justify the creation of nuclear power programmes in any country
  • Provides coverage of the main issues and potential benefit linked to nuclear power
  • Reviews the implementation of a nuclear power programme with particular reference to the requirements and methods involved in construction


New entrants into nuclear technology and those countries wishing to renovate their nuclear fleets after a long moratorium in the construction of nuclear power plants.


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This book provides guidance on the principles on which appropriate radiation protection can be based., Materials World
Readers from nuclear power industries would find the analysis of the environmental impacts of nuclear installations interesting., Materials World

About the Editors

Agustin Alonso Editor

Agustín Alonso is Emeritus Professor and Chair of Nuclear Technology at Madrid Polytechnic University, Spain, and serves on the IAEA’s International Nuclear Safety Advisory Group (INSAG).

Affiliations and Expertise

Madrid Polytechnic University, Spain