Influencer Marketing

1st Edition

Who Really Influences Your Customers?

Authors: Duncan Brown Nick Hayes
Paperback ISBN: 9780750686006
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 19th December 2007
Page Count: 256


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Influencer Marketing is the most important new approach to marketing in a decade for those professionals at the leading edge of purchasing decision making. It shows that key decision makers in all major markets operate within communities of influencers- because major decisions are too complex and risky to taken in isolation.

The ‘ecosystems’ this creates are full of these critically important people, whose impact on purchasing decisions is both pivotal and misunderstood. This new book demonstrates that-

As mass media impact wanes so the role of influencers grows - marketers need to know why and how to use this knowledge

The impact of blogs, wikis and other social media is that they enable new influencers to emerge, and disperse traditional sources of influence.

Large and small businesses worldwide pour billions of pounds each year into influencing what they think are their influencers. This book shows you that most of that money is being spent on the wrong people, leaving the real influencers all too often untouched.

Influencers do not do the buying, are not obvious, cannot be bought, and start off neutral - which is why their potential to affect sales is so great

Influencers are not all equal - they can be assessed, ranked and prioritised to be used effectively

Influencers can be influenced – the question is how to get to them to generate market awareness, leads and address sales barriers

Influencer marketing is closely related to the relentless rise and success of word of mouth (WOM) and relationship marketing, and is now established as one of the armoury of new techniques professionals must use. For all those involved in marketing and sales this book will be an essential analysis of how to identify who has influence, how they apply it, an

Key Features

  • Influencer Marketing is the next serious book in the tradition of The Tipping Point (Gladwell), The Influentials (Berry and Keller) and Purple Cow (Godin)
  • The book clearly demonstrates, with numerous illuminating real-life examples, Seth Godin’s widely accepted view that it’s ‘useless to advertise to anyone except connectors with influence’
  • It is written by a team presently advising a raft of the world’s leading companies, both in Europe and the US, about influencer marketing in the real world - so it is rigorous, practical and applicable


The primary audience for this book is Professional marketing executives, especially marketing directors and managers, sales professionals, especially sales directors and managers, marketing strategy consultants, PR professionals.

The academic market is 3rd year U/G and MBA in areas such as Relationship Marketing/KAM.

Table of Contents

Foreword From ‘The Dip’ by Seth Godin

Preface Nick Hayes

Introduction xi Duncan Brown and Nick Hayes

1 Marketing is broken 2 What’s wrong with traditional marketing today? 4 Decision-maker ecosystems 5 How influence works 6 Who are your influencers? 7 Identifying and ranking influencers 8 Who should evaluate the influencers in your market? 9 Marketing to influencers 10 Good, bad and ugly influencers 11 Marketing through influencers 12 Marketing with influencers 13 Evaluating influencer marketing 14 Influencer marketing and word of mouth 15 Social media – the new influence enablers 16 Influencing through social media 17 Influencing consumers 18 Influencers in consumer markets 19 How to structure influencer marketing in your organisation
20 Making influencer marketing work for your company
21 The future of influencer marketing



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About the Author

Duncan Brown

Duncan Brown is Influencer50's Head of European Operations. He has 18 years of experience in the IT industry, firstly as a software developer and latterly as an Industry analyst. He was formerly Director of Consulting at IDC, and held a similar role at Ovum. His clients include BT, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Vodafone and other leading IT and telecoms providers. Duncan is in high demand as a thought leader and keynote speaker.

Affiliations and Expertise

Head of European Operations, Influencer50

Nick Hayes

Nick Hayes is Influencer50's managing director. He has over 20 years experience working in technology marketing, for companies as large as Microsoft, HP, Sun Microsystems and Adobe to start-ups and niche players. Former founder of a successful technology PR firm, Nick saw that traditional PR was becoming commoditised, with clients simply trying to squeeze a little more coverage out of the same model of press relations.

Affiliations and Expertise

Managing Director, Influencer50


Brown and Hayes have written a wonderful, well structured and easy to read page turner about a fascinating idea that should affect the way every thinking marketer should see the world. Christoph Kaderli, Vice President EMEA Marketing, Performance Management & Alliances at Cognos Ltd & CMO Council Europe Advisory Board Member. "Today's market is truly 'always on'. This is having a dramatic impact on the way that we market and sell to our existing customers and prospects. Influencer Marketing provides an excellent reference on how you can drive and achieve significant change in your traditional mindset to ensure that you can address the new and dynamic challenges that now appear every day'. Ask yourself, 'Do I change or do more of the same? There is only one correct answer" . Jim Cassidy VP Marketing EMEA, BEA Systems A thought provoking book that challenges the way we think and who we target. A must for any skilled marketer wishing to beat his competitor." Dr Anthony Marsella, Chief Marketing Officer Samsung Electronics and co-author "Marketing Revolution". "Cutting Edge Marketing at its best. This is a must read for any Technology Marketer" James Hart, Marketing Director, EMEA, Research In Motion (Blackberry) "If you think you know about marketing in the 21st century, press & analyst relations, the value of conferences, the buying cycle - think again. Influencer Marketing will make you question even your basic understanding of marketing, and who really wields power in the market place." Joe Barrett, Director, Strategic Marketing, Qualcomm Europe "This book explains why today's marketing model is a very different playing field. ROI is high on the agenda. The power of the network enables emphasis on 1:1 conversations and choice, dialogues and communities, which in turn leads to hon