Infection Control and Management of Hazardous Materials for the Dental Team - 5th Edition - ISBN: 9780323082570, 9780323183635

Infection Control and Management of Hazardous Materials for the Dental Team

5th Edition

Print ISBN: 9780323082570
eBook ISBN: 9780323183635
Imprint: Mosby


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"Each generic topic is discussed logically and in detail, supplemented with useful and clear summary tables and flow charts...This book can be recommended as a reference book for providing the dental team with the knowledge, understanding and rationale of the broad range of topics that need to be considered for effective infection control measures."

Dental Update, January/February 2010

"You may have glanced at the title of this book and decided to move on, however, think again. Infection control is a hot topic within dentistry at the moment, with CQC inspections looming and patients having more say in their environments than ever before. It is important to get excellent infection control absolutely right...Ultimately, the clear, well founded suggestions would help to improve day-to-day infection control in any setting. Dentists, therapists, nurses and even the lone practice manager who browsed this text, rated it highly; it's now a favourite in our dental practice! In summary, it's a book that demystifies cross infection control."

British Dental Journal, July 2013 

"Although the regulatory bodies mentioned in the book are exclusive to the USA, UK dentists may find parts of this book useful. Part one contains some general microbiological infromation that is of potential universal interest... New chapters include ones on hand hygiene and preventing sharp injuries  and these are found in the second part of the book... The third, and final section also contains two new chapters: on general surgery safety and asepsis and cross-contamination between work and home."

BDA News, September 2013