Industrial Minerals and Rocks is a collection of research papers concerning the study of industrial mineral deposits. This work is composed of 17 chapters that specifically highlight the research done by Czech and Slovak economic geologists in non-metallic deposits, including talc, magnesite, kaolin, and clay. After an introduction to the history of industrial minerals and rocks, this book goes on reviewing the origin, principal element cycle, genetic types, form, and size of these deposits. Considerable chapters describe the deposits of industrial minerals, rocks, and building raw materials. The remaining chapters deal with the geophysical methods prospecting and exploration and production of industrial raw materials, rocks, and minerals. This book will prove useful to mineral geologists and researchers.

Table of Contents


1. Introduction

1.1 The Term "Industrial Minerals and Rocks"

1·2 Classification of Industrial Minerals and Rocks and Principal Textbooks on this Subject

1.3 The Past and Present of Industrial Minerals and Rocks

2. Origin of Industrial Minerals and Rocks

2·1 Magmatic Deposits

2.2 Pegmatites

2.3 Skaras and Skarnoids

2.4 Carbonatites

2.5 Hydrothermal Deposits

2.6 Sublimates

2·7 Deposits of the Weathering Derivation

2·8 Sedimentary Deposits

2·9 Deposits of the Diagenetic Derivation

2·10 Evaporites

2.11 Deposits of Metamorphic Origin

3. Cycles of Principal Elements of Industrial Materials in the Nature

4. Survey of Genetic Types of Industrial Minerals and Rocks (in Tables)

5. Form and Size of Industrial Mineral Deposits

6. Deposits of Industrial Minerals

6.1 Andalusite and Other High Alumina Minerals

6.2 Asbestos

6.3 Baddeleyite and Zircon

6.4 Barite and Witherite

6.5 Beryl

6.6 Borate

6.7 Celestite and Strontianite

6.8 Corundum and Emery

6.9 Diamond

6.10 Feldspar

6.11 Fluorite (Fluorspar) and Cryolite

6.12 Gem Stones

6.13 Graphite

6.14 Magnesite

6.15 Micas

6.16 Monazite, Xenotime, Bastnaesite

6.17 Nitratine (Chile Saltpetre)

6.18 Olivine

6.19 Quartz Crystal

6.20 Sepiolite (Meerschaum)

6.21 Sulphur and Pyrite

6.22 Talc and Soapstone

6.23 Wollastonite

6.24 Zeolites

7. Deposits of Industrial Rocks

7.1 Bauxite and Al-Laterite

7.2 Bentonite and Montmori


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@qu:Kuzvart's book is the most thorough treatment of its subject known to me; it may be read profitably by all economic and general geologists. @source: Geology