Incompressible Flow Turbomachines

1st Edition

Design, Selection, Applications, and Theory

Authors: G.F. Round
Hardcover ISBN: 9780750676038
eBook ISBN: 9780080478456
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 15th June 2004
Page Count: 352
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The primary purpose of this book is to provide an integrated overview of incompressible flow turbomachines and their design, in this case pumps and turbines. Theory and empirical knowledge of turbomachines are brought together in detail to form a framework for a basic understanding of this complex subject. A step-by-step approach is used by means of solved problems at the end of each chapter to accomplish this.

Key Features

·Presents a clear overview of incompressible flow turbomachines
·Treats both types of turbomachines in one text
·Includes a large number of illustative solved problems


Industrial engineers, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, technicians and designers working with hydraulic turbomachines; Final year undergraduate students and graduate students in advanced level fluid mechanics, thermodynamics or turbomachinery courses

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Historical Background and Present State of Development 1.1 Greek and Roman machines
1.2 The Middle Ages 1.3 The Renaissance 1.4 Post Renaissance 1.5 19th Century to the present 1.6 General classification of rotodynamic turbines and pumps 1.7 Theoretical limitations 1.8 References

Chapter 2
Theory of Turbomachines
2.1 Equations governing the behavior of turbomachines
2.2 Continuity equation
2.3 Linear momentum theorem 2.4 Angular momentum equation 2.5 Euler Turbine Equation 2.6 Bernoulli equation 2.7 The energy equation 2.8 Similarity 2.9 Dimensional analysis 2.10 Restrictions on similarity applications
2.11 Dimensionless groups and specific speed
2.12 Scaling discrepancies 2.13 Graphical correlations for specific speed
2.14 General geometry of rotational, radial and axial flows

2.15 Circulation, free vortex flow and the Kutta-Joukowski theorem 2.16 Forces acting on an axial flow turbine and axial flow pump blade 2.17 Stream function and streamlines 2.18 Velocity potential
2.19 Superposition of streamlines 2.20 Axisymetric flows and Stokes' stream function 2.21 Meridional streamlines and velocities 2.22 Effects of friction on flows through turbomachines

2.23 Solved problems

Chapter 3
Turbines 3.1 Classification of turbines 3.2 General operating conditions 3.3 Impulse turbines - Pelton wheels
3.3.1 Speed factor, Ö 3.3


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About the Author

G.F. Round

Affiliations and Expertise

Dr. G.F. Round, Professor Emeritus, McMaster University