Implementing Mental Health Promotion

1st Edition


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Key Features

  • written from a 'how-to' perspective, combining an exploration of current research with practical advice to support the planning and implementation of programmes
  • provides examples of successful projects illustrating the process of implementation
  • includes case studies of practical aspects of project development and delivery from different countries in order to illustrate the real life application of programmes
  • provides a practical guide for practitioners on programme development, planning, implementation and evaluation
  • shifts the focus to the process of implementing positive mental health programmes as opposed to those dealing with mental ill health
  • incorporates the application of theory and evidence from the current literature to inform programme planning and delivery
  • Outline the application of international case studies of best practice in diverse settings

Table of Contents

Foreword. Chapter 1 - Introduction to Mental Health Promotion. Chapter 2 - Implementing Mental Health Promotion Programmes: A Generic Template for Action. Chapter 3 - Community Mental Health Promotion. Chapter 4 - Mental Health Promotion in the Home for Children and Families. Chapter 5 - Mental Health Promotion in Schools. Chapter 6 - Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace. Chapter 7 - Mental Health Promotion in Primary Health Care. Chapter 8 - Mental Health Promotion in the Mental Health Services. Index.


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