Key Features

  • Authored by a team of highly experienced experts.
  • The "J-shaped" relationship between exercise load and infection risk is described, backed by current research and evidence.
  • Components of the immune system and normal immune function are explained in detail, as well as methods for measuring immune function.
  • The impact of acute and chronic psychological stress on immune function is presented, along with suggestions for minimizing the risk of immunodepression and infection in athletes.
  • The effects of heavy training, exercise in environmental extremes, and nutrition are discussed with regard to their impact on innate and specific (acquired) immunity.
  • Immune function in special populations (elderly, obese, diabetic and HIV patients) is also addressed, exploring links between exercise and infection risk in these groups.
  • Evidence-based coverage includes a list of references in each chapter, as well as suggestions for further reading that direct readers to important texts and review articles.
  • Information is presented in an easily accessible format, following a logical progression of material.
  • LEach chapter begins with a list of learning objectives and ends with a list of key points to reinforce learning.
  • A glossary at the end of the book defines all key terms and abbreviations.

Table of Contents


1. Exercise and infection risk

2. Introduction to the immune system

3. Methods of assessing immune function

4. Acute exercise and innate immune function

5. Acute exercise and acquired immune function

6. Immune responses to intensified training and overtraining

7. Immune response to exercise in extreme environments

8. Exercise, nutrition and immune function: I Macronutrients and amino acids

9. Exercise, nutrition and immune function: II Micronutrients, antioxidants and other supplements

10. Exercise and cytokines

11. Psychological stress and immune function

12. Monitoring immune function in athletes and guidelines for minimizing the risk of infection

13. Exercise, infection risk and immune function in special populations



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