Imaging of the Brain

1st Edition

Expert Radiology Series


  • Thomas Naidich
  • Mauricio Castillo
  • Soonmee Cha
  • James Smirniotopoulos
  • Key Features

    • Compare your clinical findings to more than 2,800 digital-quality images of both radiographic images and cutting edge modalities such as MR, multislice CT, ultrasonography, and nuclear medicine, including PET and PET/CT.
    • Visualize relevant anatomy more easily thanks to full-color anatomic views throughout.
    • Choose the most effective diagnostic options, with an emphasis on cost-effective imaging.
    • Apply the expertise of a diverse group of world authorities from around the globe on imaging of the brain.
    • Use this reference alongside Dr. Naidich’s Imaging of the Spine for complementary coverage of all aspects of neuroimaging.
    • Access the complete contents of Imaging of the Brain online and download all the images at

    Table of Contents

    Section 1 Techniques for Imaging

    1 Static Anatomic Techniques

    2 Dynamic Functional and Physiological Techniques

    Section 2: Image and Pattern Analysis

    3 Analysis of Density, Signal Intensity, and Echogenicity

    4 Analysis of Mass Effect

    5 Patterns of Contrast Enhancement

    Section 3: Scalp, Skull, and Meninges

    6 Scalp

    7 Skull

    8 Cranial Meninges

    Section 4: Normal Brain Anatomy

    9 Surface Anatomy of the Cerebrum

    10 Cerebral Cortex

    11 Deep Gray Nuclei and Related Fiber Tracts

    12 White Matter

    13 Ventricles and Intracranial Subarachnoid Spaces

    14 Sella Turcica and Pituitary Gland

    Infratentorial Brain

    15 Brain Stem

    16 Cerebellum

    17 Cranial Nerves

    Section 5: Cerebrovascular Anatomy and Disease

    18 Normal Vascular Anatomy

    19 Intracranial Hemorrhage

    20 Atherosclerosis and the Chronology of Infarction

    21 Other Arteriopathies

    22 Venous Occlusive Disease

    23 Aneurysms

    24 Vascular Malformations

    Section 6: Craniocerebral Trauma

    25 Fracture and Hemorrhage

    26 Vascular Injury and Parenchymal Changes

    Section 7: Cysts and Tumors

    27 Intracranial Cysts and Cyst-Like Lesions

    28 Neuroepithelial Cysts, Porencephaly, and Perivascular Spaces

    29 Overview of Adult Primary Neoplasms and Metastatic Disease

    30 Meningeal Neoplasms

    31 Vascular and Hematopoietic Neoplasms

    32 Intra-Axial Neoplasms

    33 Sellar and Juxtasellar Tumors

    34 Pineal Region Masses

    35 Posterior Fossa Intra-Axial Tumors

    36 Cerebellopontine Angle and Internal Auditory Canal Neoplasms

    37 Tumors of the Cranial/Spinal Nerves

    38 Management of the Tumor Patient

    Section 8: The Phakomatoses

    39 Phakomatoses: Tumo


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