A balanced text that bridges the gap between introductory petrography-oriented texts and the more advanced texts that have a thermodynamic and/or chemical approach. Well-indexed, well-referenced and written in a particularly readable style, it leads the reader from classical to modern concepts in igneous petrology.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 - Mineralogy of Igneous Rocks

1.1. Introduction

1.2. Chemical Considerations

1.2.1. The Chemical Elements

1.2.2. Clarkes

1.2.3. Valency

1.3. Factors Governing Structures of Silicate Minerals

1.3.1. Relative Abundance of Oxygen to Cations in Igneous and Crustal Rocks

1.3.2. The Role of Oxygen in the Structure of Silicate Minerals

1.3.3. Ionic Radii

1.3.4. The Si04 Tetrahedron

1.3.5. Resultant Silicate Structures

1.4. Principles Governing Crystalline Solution

1.5. Nomenclature, Composition, and Paragenesis of Igneous Rock-Forming Minerals

1.6. Recognition of Minerals in Thin Section

Chapter 2 - Volcanic Activity

2.1. Introduction

2.2. Volcanic Activity Described by Natural Groupings

2.2.1. Basalts

2.2.2. Andesites

2.2.3. Rhyolites

2.2.4. Kimberlites

2.3. Fragmental Volcanic Rocks

2.3.1. Autoclastic Rocks

2.3.2. Pyroclastic Rocks

2.3.3. Epiclastic Rocks

Chapter 3 - Forms and Structures of Intrusive Rocks

3.1. Introduction

3.2. Basic Intrusions into Continental Crust

3.2.1. Dykes

3.2.3. Large Basic Intrusions

3.3. Ophiolite Association

3.4. Subvolcanic and Central Complexes

3.5. Deep-Seated Granitic Rocks

3.5.1. Introduction

3.5.2. Contrasted Approaches of Bowen and Read

3.5.3. Granitization Defined

3.5.4. Approach of Buddington

3.5.5. Katazonal Granitic Rocks

3.5.6. Mesozonal Granit


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@qu:This is a good descriptive reference book with a wealth of analytical and diagrammatic data. It provides a basis for the comprehension of much of the petrological material appearing in the specialist literature and offers an entry into the even more erudite geochemistry and thermodynamics which surround modern discussions of the nature of planet Earth and the geosphere. @source: Australian Mineral Foundation