Volume 83. ICRP Publication 83: Risk Estimation for Multifactorial Diseases

1st Edition

Annals of the ICRP Volume 29/3-4

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Table of Contents

Preface. Abstract. Executive Summary. Glossary of Technical Terms.

1. Introduction.

2. Multifactorial Diseases.

2.1 General aspects. 2.2 Congenital abnormalities. 2.3 Isolated congenital abnormalities. 2.4 Impact of advances in medicine on the incidence of congenital abnormalities. 2.5 Summary

3. Models of Inheritance of Multifactorial Diseases.

3.1 The Standard multifactorial threshold model (MTM). 3.2 Other models. 3.3 Summary.

4. General Attributes and Epidemiological Aspects of Chronic Multifactorial Diseases.

4.1 Conceptual differences between mendelian and multifactorial disease. 4.2 Overall prevalences and epidemiolgical features of chronic multifactorial diseases. 4.3 Summary.

5. Diabetes Mellitus.

5.1 Epidemiological and clinical aspects. 5.2 Type 1 diabetes mellitus (IDDM). 5.3 Type 2 diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). 5.4 Summary.

6. Essential Hypertension.

6.1 Epidemiology. 6.2 Risk factors. 6.3 Family and twin studies. 6.4 Candidate genes and polymorphisms. 6.5 Hypertension and the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease (CHD). 6.6 Hypertension and the risk of congestive heart failure and end-stage renal disease. 6.7 Summary.

7. Coronary Heart Disease.

7.1 Epidemiology. 7.2 Risk factors. 7.3 Family and twin studies. 7.4 Variability in total cholesterol levels in the population and its relationship to coronary heart disease. 7.5 Genetic risk factors other than hyperlipidaemia. 7.6 Summary.

8. Mechanistic Models on the Maintenance of Multifactorial Traits in the Population.

8.1 The models of Crow and Kimura. 8.2 The models of Lande and Turelli. 8.3 Other models. 8.4 Conclusions. 8.5 Summary.

9. General Conclusions from Studies of Multifactorial Diseases and their Relevance for Risk Estimation.

10. The Concept of


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