Volume 82. ICRP Publication 82: Protection of the Public in Situations of Prolonged Radiation Exposure

1st Edition

Annals of the ICRP Volume 29/1-2

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Table of Contents

Preface. Executive Summary.

1. Introduction.

1.1. Background information. 1.2. Prolonged exposure. 1.3. Objective. 1.4. Scope. 1.5. Basic framework.

2. Application of the System of Radiological Protection to Practices Resulting in Prolonged Exposure.

2.1. Justifying practices involving prolonged exposure. 2.2. Optimising protection for sources delivering prolonged exposure. 2.3. Limiting individual doses attributable to prolonged exposure.

3. Application of the System of Radiological Protection to Intervention in Prolonged Exposure Situations.

3.1. Justifying intervention in prolonged exposure situations. 3.2. Optimising protective actions in prolonged exposure situations. 3.3. Specific reference levels for interventions in prolonged exposure situations.

4. Generic Reference Levels of Existing Annual Dose for Intervention in Prolonged Exposure Situations.
4.1. Recommended generic reference levels for intervention. 4.2. Perspectives on the recommended generic levels for intervention.

5. Application of the Recommendations to Specific Prolonged Exposure Situations.BR>
5.1. Consideration of high levels of prolonged exposure to natural background radiation. 5.2. Long-lived radioactive residues in human habitats. 5.3. Discontinuation of intervention after an accident. 5.4. Radioactive substances in commodities.

6. Outlook.

6.1. Summary of the quantitative recommendations. 6.2. Demonstration of compliance.

Annex A:

Some Prolonged Exposure Situations.

Annex B:

Radiological Protection Quantities in the Context of Prolonged Exposures.

Annex C:

Radiation Health Effects in the Context of Prolonged Exposure.

Annex D:

The System of Protection in the Context of Prolonged Ex


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