Volume 76. ICRP Publication 76: Protection from Potential Exposures: Application to Selected Radiation Sources

1st Edition

Annals of the ICRP Volume 27/2

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Table of Contents

Preface. Introduction.

Radiation Protection in the Case of Potential Exposures.

Criteria of Acceptability. Acceptability of options for improvements. Identification of Scenarios. Logical Structure of Scenarios. Reliability of Systems and Components and Assignment of Probabilities. Risk and Consequences of Potential Exposures. Detriment in assessments of potential exposures. Optimisation of Protection.

Special Issues in Application.

Proven Designs and Modifications. Trade-offs. Prevention and Mitigation. Events of Low Probability and Exposure of the Public. Defence-in-depth. Human Error. Potential Exposures in Medicine.

Demonstrating Compliance with Regulatory Aims. Examples.

Potential Exposures in Irradiators. Safety features of a moderm irradiator. Fault tree analysis of a modern irradiator. Fault tree analysis of an irradiator of old design. Comparing irradiator performances to risk constraint. Potential Exposures in Accelerators. Event tree analysis of a research accelerator. Hazard identification and fault tree analysis of an accelerator for isotope production. Potential Exposure form Lost Radiation Sources. Event tree analysis of mobile industrial radiography. Potential Exposure of Patients from a Gamma Radiotherapy Device. Description of the gamma radiotherapy device. Treatment procedures. Fault tree analysis of the radiotherapy device.



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