Volume 60. ICRP Publication 60: 1990 Recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection

1st Edition

Annals of the ICRP Volume 21/1-3

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Table of Contents

Chapter headings and selected sections: Introduction.

The history of the Commission. The development of the Commission's recommendations. The aims of this report. The scope of the Commission's recommendations.

Quantities Used in Radiological Protection.

Introduction. Basic dosimetric quantities. Subsidiary dosimetric quantities. Other quantities.

Biological Aspects of Radiological Protection.

The biological effects of ionizing radiation. The concept of detriment. Quantitative estimates of the consequences of radiation exposures. Tissue weighting factors.

The Conceptual Framework of Radiological Protection.

The basic framework. The system of radiological protection. Radiological protection in proposed and continuing practices. Radiological protection by intervention.

The System of Protection for Proposed and Continuing Practices.

Types of exposure. The applicaton of the system of protection. The system of protection in occupational exposure. Potential exposures.

The Systems of Protection in Intervention.

The basis of intervention in public exposure. Situations in which remedial action may be needed. Accidents and emergencies.

Implementation of the Commission's Recommendations.

The recommendations of the Commission. Regulatory requirements. Compliance with the intended standard of protection. Management requirements.

Summary of Recommendations. Annex A: Quantities Used in Radiological Protection. Annex B: Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation. Annex C: Bases for Judging the Significance of the Effects of Radiation. Annex D: List of the Commission's Publications.


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