Ice Microdynamics

1st Edition

Authors: Pao Wang
Paperback ISBN: 9780127346038
eBook ISBN: 9780080508443
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 29th July 2002
Page Count: 273
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Atmospheric ice particles play crucial roles in cloud and storm dynamics, atmospheric chemistry, climatological processes, and other atmospheric processes. Ice Microdynamics introduces the elementary physics and dynamics of atmospheric ice particles in clouds; subsequent sections explain their formation from water vapor, why ice crystal shape and concentration in cirrus clouds influence the heating of air, and describe how ice crystals cleanse the atmosphere by scavenging aerosol particles.

Pao Wang's lucid writing style will appeal to atmospheric scientists, climatologists, and meteorologists with an interest in understanding the role of ice particles in the atmosphere of our planet.

Table of Contents

Ice Particles in the Atmosphere Ice Particles - a Personal Perspective Some Historical Notes on the Knowledge of Ice Particles in Ancient China The Hexagonal Shape of Snowflakes Protection of Crops from the Cold Observations of Frost-Free and Dew-Free Situation in High Mountains A Brief Summary of the Following Chapters

Mathematical Descriptions of Ice Particle Size and Shape Size Distribution Versus Size-Shape Distributions Mathematical Expression Describing the Two-Dimensional Shapes of Hexagonal Ice Crystals Approximating an Exact Hexagonal Plate Two-Dimensional Characterization of an Ensemble of Planar Hexagonal Ice Crystals Mathematical Expressions Describing the Three-Dimensional Shapes of Ice Crystals Three-Dimensional Mathematical Expression Describing Planar Hexagonal Crystals Three-Dimensional Mathematical Expressions Describing Spatial Dendrites and Rosettes Mathematical Expressions Describing Conical Hydrometeors Mathematical Formula - 2-D Cross-Section Fitting Procedure and Examples Examples and Discussions Cross-Sectional Area, Volume, and Area of the Surface of Revolution 3-D Expression of Conical Particles with Circular and Elliptical Cross-Sections

Hydrodynamics of Small Ice Particles Fall Attitude of Ice Particles Review of Previous Studies The Physics and Mathematics of Unsteady Flow Fields Around Non-Spherical Ice Particles The Numerical Scheme Results and Discussions Remarks on the Flow Fields Around Larger Falling Ice Particles

Vapor Diffusion, Ventilation, and Collision Eff


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