Hypothalamic Control of Lactation

Hypothalamic Control of Lactation

Monographs on Endocrinology

1st Edition - January 1, 1970

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  • Author: F. G. Sulman
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483193038

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Monographs on Endocrinology, Volume 3: Hypothalamic Control of Lactation provides information pertinent to the fundamental aspects of lactation, which is dependent upon the temporal cortex of the brain. This book discusses the manifold problems of hypothalamic lactation. Organized into four parts encompassing 30 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the mechanisms of lactation and explores the hormone requirements for mammary development in various species. This text then examines the theory of the anterior pituitary gland being controlled by neurohumors carried through the hypophysial portal circulation. Other chapters consider the physiology of pituitary prolactin, which is distinguished from other pituitary tropins by its inhibitory regulation originating in the central nervous system. This book discusses as well the mechanism of the lactogenic effect of hypothalamic tranquilizers. The final chapter deals with the structure of the hypothalamic factors responsible for lactation. This monograph is a valuable resource for endocrinologists, scientists, students, and researchers.

Table of Contents

  • Part I Physiological Regulation of Lactation

    Chapter 1. Mechanism of Lactation

    Chapter 2. Hypothalamus-Pituitary Axis

    a) Hypothalamic Control of Prolactin Secretion

    b) Prolactin-Inhibiting Factor (PIF)

    c) Prolactin-Releasing Factor (PRF)

    d) Hypothalamic Feedback of Prolactin

    e) Effect of Steroids

    f) Interrelation between Pituitary Tropins

    g) Suckling

    h) Conclusions

    Chapter 3. Prolactin

    a) Introduction

    b) Storage and Release

    c) Properties

    d) Prolactin in Body Fluids

    e) Prolactin in Pituitary Tumors

    f) Effect of Prolactin on Mammary Growth

    g) Levels of Pituitary Prolactin in Various Stages of Lactation

    h) Theories on the Mechanism of Onset of Lactation

    i) Conclusion

    Chapter 4. Growth Hormone

    Chapter 5. Gonadotropins and Sex Steroids

    Chapter 6. Adrenocorticotropin and Corticosteroids

    Chapter 7. Thyrotropin and Thyroid Hormones

    Chapter 8. Oxytocin and Vasopressin

    Chapter 9. Parathormone and Calcitonin

    Chapter 10. Insulin and Glucagon

    Chapter 11. Pineal Gland

    Chapter 12. Placental and Amniotic Fluid

    Part II Pharmacological Regulation of Lactation

    Chapter 13. Hypothalamic Lactation Produced by Psychopharmaca

    a) History

    b) Dissociation of Mammotropic and Sedative Effects

    c) Biological Dissociation through Combined Treatment with Tranquilizers and Psycho-Stimulants

    d) Chemical Dissociation by Molecular Changes of Tranquilizers

    e) Studies in Hypophysectomized Rats

    f) Conclusions

    Chapter 14. Mammotropic Effect of Phenothiazine Derivatives

    a) History

    b) Mammotropic Index (MTI)

    c) Body Temperature Drop (BTD)

    d) Screening of Phenothiazine Derivatives

    e) Screening of Phenothiazine Sulfoxides and Sulfodioxides

    f) Stimulation of Synthesis and Release of Prolactin by Perphenazine

    g) Intracerebral Implantation of Phenothiazine Derivatives

    h) Mammotropic Effect of Fluphenazine Enanthate in the Rat

    i) Comparative Study of Phenothiazine Effect on Hypothalamic Prolactin-Inhibiting Factor and MSH-Releasing Factor

    j) Conclusions

    Chapter 15. Mammotropic Effect of Phenothiazine-like Compounds

    Chapter 16. Mammotropic Effect of Reserpine Derivatives

    Chapter 17. Mammotropic Effect of Butyrophenones

    Chapter 18. Mammotropic Effect of Miscellaneous Psychotropic Drugs

    Chapter 19. Structure-Activity Relationship of Mammotropic Drugs and Receptor Theory

    Chapter 20. Pituitary-Ovary Axis in Hypothalamic Lactation

    Chapter 21. Pituitary-Adrenal Axis in Hypothalamic Lactation

    Chapter 22. Pituitary-Thyroid Axis in Hypothalamic Lactation

    a) Role of Thyroid in vivo and In Vitro

    b) Thyroid and Hypothalamic Mammary Growth

    c) Thyroid and Post-Partum Galactopoiesis

    d) Conclusion

    Chapter 23. Prolactin Release by Hypothalamus of Nursing Rat Mothers

    Chapter 24. Prolactin as Luteotropic Hormone

    Part III Prolactin Assay

    Chapter 25. In Vitro Methods

    a) Effect of Hypothalamus

    b) Effect of Pituitary

    c) Effect of Steroids

    d) Effect of Neurohormones

    e) Effect of Phenothiazines

    f) Effect of Reserpine

    g) Effect of Thyroid

    h) Effect of Oxytocin

    i) Conclusion

    Chapter 26. In Vivo Methods

    a) Rabbit Tests

    b) Rat Tests

    c) Pigeon Tests

    d) Concentration Methods

    Chapter 27. Radioimmunoassay

    Part IV Problems of Lactation

    Chapter 28. Lactation in Humans

    a) Lactation and Post-Partum Amenorrhea

    b) Inhibition of Lactation and Breast Engorgement

    c) Persistence of Lactation and Menstrual Cycle

    d) Sterility during Lactation

    e) Galactorrhea as a General Syndrome

    f) Forbes-Albright-Castillo Syndrome

    g) Chiari-Frommel Syndrome

    h) Sheehan's Syndrome

    i) Hypothalamic Lactation

    j) Promotion of Post-Partum Lactation

    k) Gynecomastia

    l) Conclusion

    Chapter 29. Conclusions

    Chapter 30. Research Problems


    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 248
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Butterworth-Heinemann 1970
  • Published: January 1, 1970
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483193038

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F. G. Sulman

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