This book provides comprehensive information about the water resources of the Arabian Gulf region, an area that is symbolic as an arid to extremely arid belt. Filling an information gap it provides in-depth analyses of both natural and human-related constraints on water resources, and presents a new vision on efficient management of available water resources.

It contains an overview of the physical geography and climatic constraints on water resources, systematic inventory of available traditional and non-traditional water resources, water-related problems, water conservation and legislations, comprehensive water laws applicable to the region, and modern techniques of water resources investigation.

This work meets the needs of scientists, environmentalists, engineers, planners and decision makers. Senior undergraduate, graduate students and researchers of the Gulf area, and more generally of arid regions, will also find this volume valuable.

Table of Contents

Preface. Acknowledgements and Copyright Permissions. 1. An Introduction to Water Resources in the Arabian Peninsula. Introduction. Water losses. Dams for water conservation and protection. Water resources. Water consumption. Scope of the volume. 2. Physical Geography of the Arabian Peninsula. Geomorphology. Vegetation and water. Climate. Temperature. Precipitation. Wind directions. Relative humidity. Evaporation. 3. Geology of the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf. Introduction. The succession of Tectonic events. Arches/Paleohighs and basins/depressions. The stratigraphic and sedimentological framework. 4. Aquifer and Aquiclude Systems. Introduction. Precambrian-Paleozoic aquifers and aquicludes. Mesozoic aquifers and aquicludes. Cenozoic aquifers and aquicludes. 5. Hydrogeochemistry. Introduction. Hydrogeochemistry of rain water. Hydrogeochemistry of spring water. Hydrogeochemistry of falaj water. Hydrogeochemistry of groundwater. Water salinity variation. Results of hydrogeochemical analysis. 6. Traditional Water Resources: Springs and Falajes. Introduction. Springs. Falajes. 7. Non-Traditional Water Resources: Desalination and Treated Wastewater. Introduction. Desalination processes. Economic constraints. Environmental impact. Security problems. Treated wastewater. Contributions of treated wastewater to total water demands. Advantages of wastewater reuse. Potential of treated wastewater. Guidelines for wastewater reuse. 8. Case Studies on the Hydrogeology of the Cenozoic Aquifer Systems in the Arabian Peninsula. Cenozoic hydrogeological system. Cenozoic aquifer system of Kuwait. Cenozoic aquifer system in Saudi Arabia.


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About the authors

A.S. Alsharhan

Affiliations and Expertise

Faculty of Science, United Arab Emirates University, Al-Ain, UAE

Z.A. Rizk

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Geology, Menoufia University, Egypt

A.E.M. Nairn

Affiliations and Expertise

Earth Sciences & Resources Institute, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208, USA

D.W. Bakhit

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Civil Aviation, Abu Dhabi, UAE

S.A. Alhajari

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Geology, University of Qatar, Doha, Qatar


@from:J.L. van Rooy, University of Pretoria, South Africa @qu:...The very specific nature of the hydrogeological conditions on the Arabian Peninsula makes this book highly informative, but with somewhat limited application to other areas excluding the very arid regions of the World. The approaches and management policies set out in this book may be of great value in these regions.
It is an easily digestible and highly informative text on the specific situation regarding the geography, the geology, the hydrogeology and the cultural approaches to the hydrogeology in the Arabian Gulf area. @source:Journal of African Earth Sciences @from:D. Hallett, Richmond, UK @qu:...This is a book which hides its light under a bushel. The title is ordinary, the cover is plain, but between the covers, a considerable gem is concealed. This is no symposium volume, with specialist papers devoted to the authors' own interests; this is a carefully planned and well documented coverage of the hydrogeology of the Arabian Peninsula. ...contains a wealth of detailed information which will be of great interest to the specialist. ...this book contains enough of general interest to make it intelligible to the non-specialist reader, and there is no doubt that it presents a most graphic illustration of the acute problems faced in providing an adequate water supply in one of the driest regions on earth. @source:Earth Science Reviews