Human Structure & Function

2nd Edition

Nursing Applications in Clinical Practice


  • Charles Brooker
    • Print ISBN 9780723426615

    Table of Contents

    SECTION ONE: Living material and organization of the body * Outline of living material and organization of the body * SECTION TWO: The internal environment * The internal environment - basic concepts and homeostasis * SECTION THREE: Regulation, communication and control * Nervous tissue and basic functions of the nervous system * The central nervous system * The peripheral nervous system * The autonomic nervous system * The special senses * The endocrine system: Hormonal control and regulation * SECTION FOUR: Body transport systems * The blood * The cardiovascular system: Heart, vessels and circulation * Lymphatic system: Vessels, nodes and tissues * SECTION FIVE: Obtaining and using raw material for metabolism and excreting waste * Respiration * Digestive system, metabolism and nutrition * Live and biliary tract * Urinary system * SECTION SIX: Movement and stability * Bone tissue * Muscle tissue * The skeleton, joints and muscular system * SECTION SEVEN: Defence and survival strategies * Body defences and the skin * SECTION EIGHT: Ensuring continuity * Reproduction * Growth and Development * Appendices


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