The book includes 61 selected papers from 106 presented at the second International Conference on Machine Automation (ICMA2000). The conference focused, for the first time, on human friendly mechantronics which covers machine systems interacting with human beings, psychological, physiological, and physical behaviors of the human being itself, robotics, human-mimetic mechanical systems, commercial application examples and so on. Machine automation has owed a lot to mechatronics technology in the last decades, however, a paradigm shift is desired and emphasized in the 21st century in every aspect of our society, and mechantronics is not an exception. The paradigm shift in mechatronics is a pursuit of productivity and efficiency to the preference of humans, and it is time that a new concept of a human friendly robot must be proposed that is welcome by human users. The book aims to offer the most up-to-date and valuable information on:
•Human Interface & Communication
•Human Support Technology
•Actuator & Control
•Vision & Sensing
•Robotics and Design
•Manufacturing System
We believe this book will bring advanced knowledge and valuable information to the industries as well as to academics and will contribute to the further development in mechatronics and its related fields.


Mechanical engineering, Production engineering, System engineering, Welfare and support technology

Table of Contents

ICMA and NTF Lectures

Mobility, Wearability, and Virtual Reality; the Elements of User Friendly Human Interfaces, Modern Platforms for Cooperation (I. Reitmaa).

Haptics: A Key to Fast Paced Interactivity (V. Hayward).

Human Interface and Communication

Micromechatronics for Wearable Information Systems (K. Itao).

Monitoring of the User's Vital Functions and Environment in Reima Smart Clothing Prototype (J. Rantanen, A. Reho, M. Tasanen, T. Karinsalo, J. Vanhala).

Development of a Wearable Muscle Sound Sensing Unit and Application for Muscle Fatigue Measurement (K. Naemura, T. Inoue, K. Fujisue, H. Hosaka, K. Itao).

A Novel Antenna System for Man-Machine Interface (P. Salonen, M. Keskilammi, L. Sydänheimo, M. Kivikoski).

Wild Animals Tracking by PHS (Personal Handy phone System) (T. Takasaki, R. Nagato, E. Morishita, H. Higuchi, K. Ikutarou, H. Hosaka, K. Itao).

Active Visual Feedback Using Head Mounted Display in Human Directed Manufacturing System (N. Depaiwa, H. Kato, Yang Y., S. Ochiai).

Dynamics of Training Simulator for Mobile Elevating Platforms (E. Keskinen, M. Iltanen, T. Salonen, S. Launis, M. Cotsaftis, J. Pispala).

On Proposal of Function-Behavior-State Framework as Refinement of EID Framework of Human-Machine Interface Design (Y. Lin, W.J. Zhang, L.G. Watson).

A Graphical User Interface for Industrial Robot Programming in Non-Repetitive Tasks (E.J. González-Galván, E. Rivera-Bravo, R.D. González-Lizcano, O.A. Garay-Molina, V.H. Miranda-Gómez).

Human Support Technology


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