Human Anatomy, Color Atlas and Textbook - 5th Edition - ISBN: 9780723436089

Human Anatomy, Color Atlas and Textbook

5th Edition

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eBook ISBN: 9780723436089
Imprint: Elsevier

Key Features

  • High-quality, richly colored dissection photographs showing structures most likely to be seen and tested in the lab improve your ability to recognize and interpret gross specimens accurately.
  • Interpretive line drawings next to every photograph let you test your knowledge by covering the labels.
  • Color-coding on interpretive artwork helps you differentiate among fat, muscle, ligament, etc.
  • Clinical Skills pages help you understand how to apply knowledge of gross anatomy to the clinical setting.
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Table of Contents

Basic Anatomical Concepts. Thorax. Upper Limb. Abdomen. Pelvis and Perineum. Lower Limb. Head and Neck. Back. Exam Skills and Clinical Skills Answers. Index.


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