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Designing Rich Internet Applications

Authors: Matthew David
Paperback ISBN: 9780240813288
Imprint: Focal Press
Published Date: 14th July 2010
Page Count: 299


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Table of Contents


How to use this book

  • Review the technology covered
  • Learn how to design with the technology
  • Analyze a project using the technology covered in section

 How HTML 5 came to be

  • Why Tag based languages matter
  • Building HTML 5 from standards
  • Why should HTML 5 be important to you?
  • Which Web Browsers Support HTML 5
  • Beyond the PC: the browser is on your phone, your game system and even your fridge

HTML 5: New HTML 5 Tags for Designers

HTML 5 is the first major release of the HTML Web Standard in more than a decade. This release is comprised of several key sections (CSS3, CANVAS, JavaScript). The most fundamental changes come with the core TAG base language of HTML itself. In this section, you will be introduced to the new HTML 5 tags, how you can use them and what you need to look out for as you design you new Web sites.


Understanding HTML 5

This section introduces HTML 5 to the designer. 

  • The rocky road from HTML 4 to HTML 5
    • CSS1 and CSS2
    • JavaScript grows up
    • XML adds data
    • Web 2.0 Applications and Solutions

  • What is included in HTML 5
    • Enhancements to core Tag Language
    • New Tags
    • Supplementing HTML Tags with CSS, vector graphics and scripting

  • Leveraging HTML 5 as the core to your Rich Internet Applications


Working with HTML 5

The goal of this section is to draw attention to the new HTML tags a designer is likely to use. New tools that can be applied today ar


Implement the powerful new multimedia and interactive capabilities offered by HTML5, including style control tools, illustration tools, video, audio, and rich media solutions. Understand how HTML5 is changing the Web development game with this full-color, project-based treatment that shows you—not just tells you—what HTML5 can do for your Web sites. Reinforce your practical understanding of the new standard with demo applications and tutorials, so that execution is one short step away.
The companion website,, is packed full of extra information, online code libraries, and a user forum, offering even more opportunity to learn new skills, practice your coding and interact with other users.


Key Features

    Learn how to create images with SVG and Canvas
    Optimize your HTML5 Web site’s appearance on the latest Web browsers, including Chrome 5, Safari 4, Internet Explorer 9, and FireFox 3.6
    Embed video and audio into your Web page
    Enhance your JavaScript knowledge with jQuery Ajax library
    Control your page layout and design with CSS3, embedded fonts, animation, transformation, 3D, and rounded borders
    Leverage the new HTML5 elements, such as ARTICLE, SECTION, FOOTER, HEADER, and ASIDE
    Extend your Web applications to mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android, and WebOS mobile phones with HTML5 FORMs 2.0
    Implement the Geolocation API in your Web applications
    * Apply SQL-like local data storage to your Web solutions


    Web designers, developers, producers, Flash designers


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    … a handy introduction to HTML5. It presents the major concepts in a logical sequence, and the topics flow easily from explanations to bite-sized projects, flavored with practical advice.
    —Sam Wan, UI engineer

    … puts solutions at your fingertips; the content is concise and easily referenced, and the accompanying projects help convert learning to real-world action.
    —Toby Pestridge, Toby James Creative

    Matthew has provided us a great frame of reference of what’s to come and what we can start using now!
    —Conrad Fuhrman, partner/Lead Developer ThreeSphere LLC

    … introduces you to key concepts, and dives in for a comprehensive look to prepare you for tomorrow's internet.
    —Joel Martinez,

    …presents new and seemingly complex topics in a practical, easy to understand manner. This book will bring programmers and designers into the next generation of web development….
    —Ryan Moore, author of Foundation ASP.NET for Flash

    ...fine survey highly recommended for any web designer’s library. It teaches how to create images with SVG and Canvas, how to embed video and audio into a web page, how to use the new HTML5 elements, and much more, and comes from a web specialist. Color screen shots and sample code examples make this a fine winner."---California BookWatch

    About the Authors

    Matthew David Author

    Matthew David is a specialist developing rich Web solutions using technologies like Flash and the latest Web design techniques. In addition, he works in online sales, marketing, and search engine optimization, with the aim of driving business to customer sites. Matthew partners with many companies as a business strategist, works closely with the World Wide Web Consortium Group (W3C), and is on Adobe’s Advisory team.

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Matthew David is a specialist developing rich web solutions using technologies like Flash and the latest web design techniques. He works closely with the Adobe Advisory team for Flash and Flex mobile development. Matthew speaks around the world at conferences and evangelizes on the importance to of HTML5 and Mobile to tens of thousands of people. He can be followed on Twitter at @matthewadavid