HRD Survival Skills

1st Edition

Essential strategies to promote training and development within your organization

Authors: Jessica Levant
Hardcover ISBN: 9780884152705
Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing
Published Date: 30th June 1998
Page Count: 146


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Table of Contents

Shifting the focus; What marketing training means; How to analyze your market; Building relationships: customers are people too; Getting the packaging right; Your image: divining, defining, and refining; Maintaining your focus: the long term; The importance of administration; Seamless customer service; Expanding your horizons; Appendices - A customer-focus checklist; The training image survey; Trainer styles; Developing your network.


At your fingertips is this valuable source of ideas, concepts, and step-by-step activities. Now you can effectively promote the HR training function within your organization.

This unique guide shows you how to:

  • assess and tune up your department's image
  • promote HRD's added value to the business
  • appeal to diverse company groups
  • keep awareness high by staying visible
  • enhance relationships inside your organization
  • make sure administration doesn't tarnish your image
  • capitalize on work with external consultants
  • determine if the department should sell to a wider market

In addition, you will find:

  • insightful case studies
  • easy-to-organize activities
  • a training image assessment survey
  • an inventory of training styles
  • a customer-focus checklist

Overflowing with ideas, 'HRD Survival Skills' supplies your training and development teams with actual examples taken from diverse industries, sectors, and countries. Here's your blueprint to ensure that the services you provide are the right services for your in-house 'customers'.


HR professionals/managers


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"This informative and challenging book demonstrates how HRD can become a more potent contributor to business success. . . . 'HRD Survival Skills' details the essential skills for the next generation of developers. The evolution of the role continues - don't become a HRD it!" Vince Whittle, Head of HRD and Training, VISA International. '...a highly practical and readable guide for anyone in HRD who must position or market themselves, but hates to do it. This book makes the process accessible while helping the reader see the value in marketing. If everyone in HRD followed the three caveats in Chapter 7 of this book, HRD would improve both its image and its capacity.' Karen E. Watkins, Professor of Adult Education and Director, Graduate Programs in Human Resource Organizational Development, University of Georgia.

About the Authors

Jessica Levant Author

Affiliations and Expertise

Jessica Levant has more than 20 years’ experience as a training and development practitioner in the U.S. and UK and is the author of several books. Her management development business is based in London and San Francisco. In addition to her consulting practice, she teaches various professional courses at UK business schools. She is an active member of the UK-based Association of Management Education and Development and a Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development. She has served as chapter president of the American Society for Training and Development (Westchester, NY).