HP 48SX Engineering Mathematics Library

1st Edition

An Introduction to Symbolic and Complex Computation with Applications


  • John Holland
  • Description

    When surveying the computer technology available for working out mathematical problems, one fact quickly becomes apparent-most personal and super- computers are not designed for computation. Without the aid of costly and often only partially compatible software programs, most computer operating systems cannot perform mathematical computations. Mathematics textbooks and handbooks provide useful equations, but they do not offer accessible means for evaluation. The HP48SX, an object-oriented computer containing a custom CPU and operating system, is designed specifically for this task. With a low-cost computer chip and an inexpensive calculator, the HP 48SX Engineering Mathematics Library: An Introduction to Symbolic and Complex Computation with Applications package offers users an affordable and versatile alternative for solving simple and complex problems.

    Key Features

    @introbul:Key Features @bul:* Offers single-button plotting of all HP 48, MATHLIB, and all real and complex functions stored in the VAR directory-linear, semi-log and log-log lots with titles and labeled axes * Creates 36 user-defined programmable command menus, instead of offering users stock, menu-driven commands * Supports many different fields of study, (including physicists, and electrical, mechanical, and aerospace engineers), where computation ranges from basic to advanced mathematics * Provides extensive symbolic algebra, calculus, and linear algebra tools * Features menus and a manual logically built around subject areas * Allows for over 300 tabulations of complex math functions, most within 10-digit accuracy * 100 statistical operations and tests plus 50 statistical probability distributions and their inverses * 100 data and signal processing operations * 200 vector and matrix commands, plus 50 symbolic array commands * 200 algebra operations, including 3 powerful complex-coefficient polynomial root-solvers * 50 data editing, sorting, windowing, clipping, and peak and valley analysis commands * Can solve a 40 x 40 linear system of equations with iterative refinement in under 4 minutes


    Students and professionals in mathematics and engineering; owners of an HP 48SX.

    Table of Contents

    Overview of Mathematics Library (715). Special Plotting Operations (11). Complex Functions and Approximations: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions (28). Exponential Integral and Related Functions (17). Gamma and Related Functions (11). Error Function and Fresnel Integrals (13). Bessel Functions of Integer Order (19). Spherical Bessel Functions (11). Elliptic Integrals (24). Jacobi Elliptic Functions (35). Theta and Related Functions (41). Confluent Hypergeometric Functions (17). Parabolic Cylinder Functions (11). Gaussian Hypergeometric Function (5). Legendre and Struve Functions (11). Orthogonal Polynomials (14). Approximation of Functions and Data Sets (29). Number Theory Calculations (21). Basic Symbolic Computation and Matrix Algebra: Symbolic Algebra and Calculus (41). Complex Linear Algebra (65). Special Matrix Operations (57). Probability and Statistics Tools: Statistical Operations and Tests (47). Probability Distributions (56). Multi-Server Queueing Distributions (11). Vector Calculus, State Space, and Differential Equations: Symbolic Arrays and Advanced Calculus (56). Complex Data Analysis and Signal Processing Tools: Data Processing and Simulation (47). Filter Design and Analysis (53). FIR Design and Discrete Computations (35). Special Array Operations: Special Vector Operations (23). Vector Scalar Algebra (29). Matrix Scalar Algebra (31). Appendices and Indices: Availability of Over 700 Application, Test, and Symbolic Function Programs. Warranty and User Support. Limits, Derivatives, and Formulas. Integral Calculus and Tables. Miscellaneous Series. Continuous Time Transforms: Laplace, Fourier, and Hilbert. Discrete Time Transforms: Z, Fourier, and Wavelet. Evaluating Commands, HP 48 Menus and Keyboards, and Programming Tutorial. Command Index. Symbol Index. Subject Index.


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    John Holland

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