Various topics related to Hot Isostatic Pressing are presented in this volume. As well as papers on more general aspects of HIPing, the papers are organised into four groups: metals and alloys, ceramics, HIP-engineering, and HIP-fundamentals. Castings, powder metallurgy, intermetallics, surface engineering and diffusion bounding are covered in the first group. The papers on ceramics give special attention to HIPing of structural and functional ceramics as well as to ceramic composites. Some interesting HIP-engineering innovations are presented on HIP equipment and HIP-technology. The papers which discuss HIP-fundamentals focus around materials modelling and component modelling.

Table of Contents

(Abbreviated). Fundamentals. Experimental and theoretical modelling of the isostatic pressing of composite powders (C.D. Turner, M.F. Ashby). Simulation of powder consolidation (R.M. McMeeking, J. Xu). Finite element analysis of cold- and hot-isostatic pressing (R.M. Govindarajan, N. Aravas). Hot triaxial compaction: the effect of shear stress on the Al powder compact densification process (S. Watatani, H.R. Piehler, D.M. Watkins). Macroscopic simulation of consolidation during hot isostatic pressing (E.A. Olevsky, M.B. Shtern, V.V. Skorohod). Intermetallics and Castings. Hot isostatic pressing of titanium based materials (F.H. Froes, J. Hebeisen). HIP-synthesis of gamma-base titanium-aluminide composites (F. Pirwitz et al.). Hot isostatic pressing using the intelligent processing of materials approach (T.F. Zahrah et al.). Reactive HIP of NiAl-base intermetallic composites (H.P. Buchkremer et al.). Consolidation of Ni-Al based intermetallics by plasma spray forming and hot isostatic pressing (A. Geibel et al.). Regeneration of mechanical properties by HIP (D.J. Stephenson, T.N. Ho, P. Hancock). Powder Metallurgy, Surface Engineering, Diffusion Bonding. Industrial application of HIP for near net shape critical parts and components (V.N. Samarov). Manufacture of corrosion and wear resistant composite materials (M. Pierronnet, G. Raisson). Effect of inclusion morphology on the densification of TA6V powder reinforced with TiB2 inclusions (P. Thibault et al.). Tailored microstructure and properties through powder metallurgy and hot isostatic pressing (L. Buekenhout). HIP and superplastic forming of high performance P/M steels (R. Laag et al.). HIPing of components with internal cores (L. Björk, R. Tegman). Structured coatings by HIP: technical and economic benefits (G.F. Archer). Hot isostatic pressing of AA6061 - SiC composites (L. Froyen, L. Delaey,


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