Hormone Assay

Hormone Assay

1st Edition - January 1, 1950

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  • Editor: C. W. Emmens
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483272863

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Hormone Assay considers assay methods in detail, focusing on vertebrate hormones. Statistics as applied to biological assay is another field in which recent advances have been phenomenal, although the application of modern methods to the design and analysis of many assays awaits full development. This simultaneous progress in the two fields of work has nevertheless provided a fruitful series of examples of how assays can be conducted in order to gain the greatest amount of information from the material available, and to express results in precise form. The book opens with a chapter on the use of and need for statistics in assays, followed by a chapter on insulin, which exemplifies some of the methods described. Subsequent chapters discuss assay methods for parathyroid hormone, adrenalin, pituitary lobe hormones, melanophore expanding hormone from the pituitary, gonadotropins, adrenocorticotropin, thyrotropic hormone, and lactogenic hormone. Also covered are assay procedures for mammogenic hormone, mammogenic hormone, androgens, and estrogens.

Table of Contents

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    I. Statistical Methods

    I. Introduction

    II. Statistical Terminology and Procedure

    III. Types of Response

    IV. Assays Based on Quantitative Responses

    V. Assays Based on Qualitative Responses

    VI. Predicting Assay Requirements


    II. Insulin

    I. Introduction

    II. The Standard Preparation

    III. The Rabbit Method of Assay

    IV. The Mouse Method of Assay

    V. Comparison of Rabbit and Mouse Methods of Assay

    VI. The Assay of Insulin in Blood


    III. Parathyroid Hormone

    I. Introduction

    II. Possibilities of a Standard Preparation

    III. The Unit of Parathyroid Activity

    IV. Methods of Assay


    IV. Biological and Chemical Assay of Adrenalin

    I. Introduction

    II. The Blood Pressure of a Cat or Dog

    III. The Rabbit's Intestine

    IV. Shaw's Chemical Method and Specific Test

    V. The Straub Frog Heart

    VI. The Perfused Frog Heart

    VII. The Perfused Frog Blood Vessels

    VIII. The Hen's Rectal Caecum

    IX. The Perfused Rabbit's Ear

    X. The Isolated Rat's Uterus

    XI. The Fluorescent Reaction

    XII. Other Chemical Methods

    XIII. Noradrenalin


    V. Posterior Pituitary Lobe Hormones

    I. Introduction

    II. Standard Preparation

    III. Methods of Assay


    VI. Biological Assay of the Melanophore Expanding Hormone from the Pituitary

    I. Introduction

    II. Brief Historical Note

    III. Theoretical Considerations

    IV. Practical Details

    V. Performance of an Assay

    VI. Sample Assays

    VII. Accuracy to be Expected

    VIII. Implications of Disproportionate 'B'/Pressor and 'B '/Oxytocic Ratios

    IX. Assay of Material Subjected to Caustic Soda Treatment

    X. Assay of 'B' in Urine, Blood, and Tissue Extracts

    XI. The Question of Whether the Pars Intermedia Manufactures Two Separate Chromatophore Excitants

    XII. Summary



    VII. Gonadotropins

    I. Historical Introduction

    II. Site of Production and Classification of Gonadotropins

    III. General Principles for the Assay of Gonadotropins

    IV. Assay of Chorionic Gonadotropin

    V. Assay of Pregnant Mares' Serum Gonadotropin

    VI. Assay of Hypophyseal Gonadotropins

    VII. Summary and Conclusions


    VIII. Adrenocorticotropin

    I. The Bioassay of ACTH in the Intact Animal

    II. The Bioassay of ACTH in the Hypophysectomized Animal


    IX. Thyrotropic Hormone

    I. Introduction

    II. Factors Influencing the Sensitivity of the Thyroid Gland

    III. Methods of Assay of Thyrotropic Hormone



    X. Lactogenic Hormone

    I. Introduction

    II. Mammalian Assay Methods

    III. Pigeon Assay Methods

    IV. Comparison of Assay Methods Using International Standard Lactogenic Hormone

    V. Comparison of Lactogenic Hormone Content in Pituitaries of Various Mature Animals

    VI. Comparison of Lactogenic Hormone Content in Pituitaries of Various Animals as Affected by Pregnancy and Lactation, Suckling, and Following Estrogen Stimulation


    XI. Mammogenic Hormone

    I. Introduction

    II. Preparation of Whole Mounts of Mammary Glands

    III. Assay of Duct Growth

    IV. Assay of Lobule-Alveolar Growth

    V. Summary


    XII. Growth Hormone

    I. Introduction

    II. Well-Established Procedures for the Bioassay of Growth Hormone

    III. Suggested Methods for t he Bioassay of Growth Hormone

    IV. Comment on Methods


    XIII. Androgens

    I. Introduction

    II. Surgical Procedures

    III. Bird Methods

    IV. Mammalian Assays

    V. Summary of Methods


    XIV. Adrenal Cortical Hormones

    I. Introduction

    II. Adrenalectomy

    III. Survival-Growth Methods

    IV. Electrolyte Methods

    V. Carbohydrate Methods

    VI. Stress Tests

    VII. Summary


    XV. The Chemical Assay of Steroids of the Androgen and Adrenocortical Hormone Groups

    I. Introduction—Chemical Structure of the Androgen and Adrenocortical Hormone Groups in Relation to Assay Methods

    II. The Androgen Group

    III. The Adrenocortical Hormone Group—The Development of Extraction and Chemical Assay Methods


    XVI. Estrogens

    I. Introduction

    II. Types of Estrogen

    III. Assays Based on Vaginal Cornification (Allen-Doisy Tests)

    IV. Modifications of the Allen-Doisy Test

    V. Interpretation of Results with Allen-Doisy Tests

    VI. Intravaginal Allen-Doisy Tests

    VII. Assays Based on Uterine Weight

    VIII. Assays Based on Vaginal Opening


    XVII. Hormones of the Corpus Luteum

    I. Progestogens

    II. Relaxin


    XVIII. Chemical Assay of Estrogens and Pregnanediol

    I. Introduction

    II. Estrogens

    III. Pregnanediol


    XIX. Thyroidal Substances

    I. Introduction

    II. Thyroid Standards and Routes of Administration

    III. Assays Based on Elevation of the Metabolic Rate

    IV. Assays Based on Loss in Body Weight

    V. Growth Restoration in Thyroidectomized Animals

    VI. Maintenance of Thyroid-Pituitary Balance in Thiouracil-Treated Animals

    VII. Assays Based on Stimulation of Metamorphosis in Amphibian Tadpoles


    XX. The Chemical Assay of Thyroxine and Other Substances with Thyroidal Activity

    I. Introduction

    II. Methods of Chemical Assay of Compounds Having Thyroidal Activity

    III. The Determination of Iodine in Organic Combination

    IV. Discussion



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  • No. of pages: 568
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1950
  • Published: January 1, 1950
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483272863

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