This book deals in detail with all aspects of hop growing, hop cone handling, drying, storage and processing into hop products and preparations, and with their utilization in the brewing industry. Particular attention is given to theoretical and practical hop production problems from the perspective of biology, chemistry, and economics, the ultimate objective of the book being high-quality hop raw materials for the brewing industries. The book is intended for hop growers, traders, brewing specialists, agricultural colleges, hop research and brewing industry institutes.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Cultivation and Utilization of Hop Products. Main components of hop cones. The products obtained from hop cones. Utilization of secondary products. Biological Basis of Hop Production. Biological features of hop plants. Underground parts of hop plant, their function and structure. Structure and function of the above-ground parts of the hop plant. Ontogenesis of hop plants. Annual cycle of hop plant. The ecology of the hop. Ideal and actual types of hop plants and their stands. Calculation of yield. Technology of Production. Stages in production technology. Use of chemicals. Biologically active substances growth-controllers. Chemical weed control in hop gardens. Crop protection in the hop garden. Breeding and propagation of the hop, the production of transplants. The creation of a hop garden. Technology of the cultivation of productive stands. Self-trained runners. Technology of harvest and after-harvest treatment of cones. The Organization and Economics of Hop Production. Present state and future trends in the use of labour in hop plantations. Consumption and usage of labour and equipment in hop production. Organization and management of hop-growing units. Economic analyses of hop production. Rationalization and Scientific and Technical Developments Applied to the Production of Hops. Principles of planning for the future the development of hop production. Scientific and technical progress in hop production. Literature. Subject Index.


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