Key Features

  • Short, flexible format makes the course easily adaptable to your schedule and enables you to complete lessons independently.
  • Printable certificate of completion demonstrates your basic HIPAA proficiency to prospective healthcare employers.
  • Learning activities – including multiple choice, short answer, matching, crossword, true or false, and case studies – make difficult material more engaging and accessible.
  • What Have You Learned? quizzes at the end of each lesson assess your understanding and help you identify areas requiring further review.
  • Hyperlinked terms connect you directly to definitions for fast, easy reference.

Table of Contents

Module 1: Introduction to HIPAA

  • Brief History of HIPAA
  • Patient Rights
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Documentation
  • Penalties for Violations

Module 2: Practicalities of HIPAA

  • Risk Reduction
  • Best Practices
  • Common Situations Students May Encounter

Module 3: Application of HIPAA

  • Case Studies


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