Hip Resurfacing

1st Edition

Principles, Indications, Technique and Results Book and DVD


  • Harlan Amstutz
    • Print ISBN 9781416047247

    Key Features

    • Provides “how to” information with the personal approach and clinical results of a master surgeon, giving you expert guidance on all aspects of hip resurfacing.
    • Includes chapters addressing surgical anatomy, biomechanics, Tribology, clinical indications, patient selection, and surgical techniques to hone your decision-making and risk-benefit analysis of resurfacing for optimal outcomes.
    • Offers detailed rehabilitation protocols so you achieve the best possible post-operative results.
    • Introduces the Conserve-Plus device (the author’s own hip resurfacing invention) and compares its clinical results to other available resurfacing materials so you can evaluate options and make well-informed decisions.
    • Discusses current research, failures, and toxicity concerns to increase your awareness of future research, progress, and possible challenges.
    • Includes a bonus DVD of surgical techniques narrated by Dr. Amstutz that demonstrates surgical concepts and provides his surgical tips and pearls to aid your mastery of operative techniques and instrumentation.
    • Uses abundant pre- and post-operative radiographs, full-color clinical photographs, and technical line drawings that illustrate every aspect of hip resurfacing and highlight important anatomical details.
    • Discusses the prevention and treatment of complications to prepare you for every situation.

    Table of Contents

    1 Evolution of Hip Resurfacing

    2 Femoral head Vascularity and Hip Resurfacing

    3 The Mechanics of the Resurfaced hip

    4 Tribology of Bearing Materials

    5 Imaging of Hip Resurfacing

    6 Outcome Studies and Data Collection

    7 Surgical Technique

    8 Indications for Metal-onMetal Hybrid Hip Resurfacing

    9 Results of Conserve®Plus Hip Resurfacing

    10 Failures: Fractures and Loosening

    11 Reaction to Wear Products

    12 “Primary” Osteoarthritis

    13 Osteonecrosisof the Hip

    14 Childhood Disorders

    15 Post-Traumatic Arthritis

    16 Rheumatoid Arthritis and Related Disorders

    17 HipResurfacing for Other Conditions and Etiologies

    18 Assessment of the Failed or Poorly Performing Hip Resurfacing

    19 Treatment of Failed Hip Resurfacing

    20 Rehabilitation and Activity Following Total Hip Resurfacing

    21 The Future of Hip Resurfacing


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