Hinman's Atlas of Urologic Surgery - 3rd Edition - ISBN: 9781416042105, 9781455733620

Hinman's Atlas of Urologic Surgery

3rd Edition

Expert Consult - Online and Print

Print ISBN: 9781416042105
eBook ISBN: 9781455733620
Imprint: Saunders
Published Date: 21st June 2012
Page Count: 1184

Table of Contents



Section I: Surgical Basics

Chapter 1 Surgical Basics

Section II: The Urologist at Work

Chapter 2 Basic Surgical Techniques

Chapter 3 Basic Laparoscopy

Chapter 4 Suture Techniques

Chapter 5 Plastic Surgical Techniques

Chapter 6 Bowel Stapling Techniques

Chapter 7 Mobilization of the Omentum

Chapter 8 Methods of Nerve Block

Chapter 9 Repair of Vascular Injuries

Chapter 10 Closure of Bowel Lacerations

Chapter 11 Basic Robotic Surgery

Section III: Penis: Plastic Operations

Chapter 12 Basic Instructions for Hypospadias Repair

Chapter 13 Postoperative Management

Chapter 14 Pediatric Meatotomy

Chapter 15 Decision-Making in Hypospadias Surgery

Chapter 16 Flaps in Hypospadias Surgery

Chapter 17 Proximal

Section IV: Penis: Malignancy

Chapter 18 Partial Penectomy

Chapter 19 Total Penectomy

Chapter 20 Ilioinguinal Lymphdenectomy

Chapter 21 Laser Treatment of the Penis

Section V: Penis: Correction

Chapter 22 Circumcision

Chapter 23 Dorsal Slit

Chapter 24 Penile Curvature in the Pediatric Patient

Chapter 25 Hidden Penis

Section VI: Penis: Reconstruction

Chapter 26 Insertion of Flexible Prosthesis

Chapter 27 Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Implantation

Chapter 28 Penile Arterial Revascularization

Chapter 29 Procedures for Peyronie’s Disease

Chapter 30 Operations for Priapism

Chapter 31 Repair of Genital Injuries

Section VII: Female Genital Reconstruction

Chapter 32 Cecal Vagina

Chapter 33 Urethrovaginal Fistula Repair

Chapter 34 Bulbocavernosus Muscle and Fat Pad Supplement

Chapter 3


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