'Highways' is a comprehensive textbook on all aspects of road engineering. This new edition, written by a team of acknowledged experts in the field, teams up with 'Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering' to become a worthy successor to O'Flaherty's classic 'Highway Engineering' set. This fourth edition covers road location and plans, roadwork materials, surface and subsurface moisture control, pavement design and construction, thickness design of bituminous and concrete pavements and road maintenance and rehabilitation. The content has been expanded and thoroughly updated to take into account new developments in the subject, making it essential reading for students of civil engineering.

Key Features

comprehensive coverage including less well-covered subjects such as maintenance contributions from both academic and professional engineers


Undergraduate and postgraduate students of civil engineering. Junior qualified engineers and technicians

Table of Contents

Introduction: An historical overview of the development of the road C. A. O'Flaherty Chapter 1 Road location C. A. O'Flaherty 1.1 Complexity of the location process 1.2 Overview of the location process 1.3 Location surveys in non-built-up locales 1.4 Road location in built-up area 1.5 Locating water crossings 1.6 Aerial photography 1.7 Other remote sensing techniques 1.8 References Chapter 2 Ground investigations C. A. O'Flaherty 2.1 Investigation aims 2.2 Sequencing of the investigation 2.3 Subsurface exploration methods 2.4 Preparing the main report 2.5 References Chapter 3 Plans, specifications and contracts A. Boyle 3.1 Classical steps in preparing a program for a major road; An overview 3.2 Documentation of a major road improvement project 3.3 The European dimension 3.4 References Chapter 4 Soils for roadworks C. A. O'Flaherty 4.1 Soil formation and types of soil 4.2 Soil profiles 4.3 Soil particles 4.4 Soil water 4.5 Soil phase relationships 4.6 Frost action in soils 4.7 Identification and description of soils in the field 4.8 Soil classification 4.9 Basic soil tests 4.10 References Chapter 5 Materials used in road pavements M. J. Brennan and C. A. O'Flaherty 5.1 Penetration-grade refinery bitumens 5.2 Natural asphalts 5.3 Cutback bitumens 5.4 Bitumen emulsions 5.5 Road tars and tar-bitumens 5.6 Modified bitumens 5.7 Cements 5.8 Limes 5.9 Conventional aggregates 5.10 Secondary aggregates 5.11 References Chapter 6 Soil-stabilised pavements C. A. O'Flaherty 6.1 Why stabilise


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