This book brings together the experience of specialists on High Temperature Corrosion. The 43 papers discuss topics related to the high temperature corrosion of engineering alloys, ceramics and protective coatings. The papers will be a useful and dynamic tool for those wishing to increase their knowledge of High Temperature Corrosion, as well as providing a guide to recent literature in this field.

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Fundamental Studies on High Temperature Corrosion of Advanced Materials. On the use of the Wagner model in oxidation in mixed reactants (P. Kofstad, R. Bredesen). Some principal mechanisms in the simultaneous erosion and corrosion attack of metals at high temperature (D. Rishel et al.). Grain boundary segregation in ionic solids and its effect on high temperature heterogeneous kinetics (J. Nowotny). Failure of oxide scales on advanced materials due to the presence of stresses (M. Schütze). Real time studies of scale development and failure (M.J. Bennett). Electrochemical determination of sulfide growth on iron in sulfur environments (T.A. Ramanarayanan et al.). IR-RAS study of oxide film formed on SUS430 stainless steel in moist atmospheres (K. Honda et al.). High Temperature Corrosion of Engineering Alloys. Oxidation behaviour of Fe-Al-Si alloys at 1073 and 1173 K (S. Guan et al.). High temperature oxidation of iron-aluminum alloys (R. Prescott et al.). Oxidation of Fe-Cr-Mn-Ai stainless steels (K. Kurokawa et al.). Structure and oxidation behaviour of the scale formed on Al-containing ferritic stainless steel (S. Sasayama, T. Kamiya). Cyclic oxidation behaviour of microcrystallized CoCrAl alloy film (F. Wang et al.). High temperature oxidation of Ni-Cr alloys (T. Amano, O. Momose). Effects of oxygen and water vapor pressures on oxidation of iron-chromium alloys at 573K (T. Tsuji et al.). High temperature oxidation of heat resistant stainless steels in COG combustion environment (B.G. Seong et al.). Internal nitridation of Ni-Cr-Al alloys (R.P. Rubly, D.L. Douglass). Internal bromine corrosion of dilute Ni-Cr alloys (B. Önay et al.). Sulfidation properties of low alloy steels in H2S-H2 atmospheres (T. Narita et al.). High temperature oxidation of Ni-Cr alloys with small additions of Si and Ce (T. Amano, O. Momose). Effect of lanthanoid on oxidation behaviour of Fe-Cr-Al foil (K. Ohmura et al.). Forma


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