High Field Magnetism

High Field Magnetism

Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on High Field Magnetism, Leuven, Belgium, 20-23 July 1988

1st Edition - January 1, 1989

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  • Editors: F. Herlach, J.J.M. Franse
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483258829

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High Field Magnetism covers the proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on High Field Magnetism held in Leuven, Belgium on July 20-23, 1988. The book focuses on magnetism, superconductivity, superconductors, and magnetic properties. The selection first offers information on DC laboratory electromagnets and design of magnet coils for semi-continuous magnetic fields. Discussions focus on resistive and hybrid magnets, power, stress, and homogeneity of the field. The book then examines production of ultra-high magnetic fields and their application to solid state physics; laboratory facility for the magnetic flux compression systems using large explosives; and production of repeating pulsed high magnetic field. The book takes a look at an electronic monitoring system for hybrid magnets; non-destructive quasi-static pulsed magnetic fields at Toulouse; and high field laboratory for superconducting materials at the Institute for Materials Research at Tohoku University. The manuscript then ponders on high magnetic field facility at Osaka University; advances in high field magnetism at Osaka; and status and prospects of superconducting Chevrel phase wires for high magnetic field applications. The selection is a dependable reference for readers interested in high field magnetism.

Table of Contents

  • Preface

    Conference Information


    Chapter 1. Magnet Technology

    D.C. Laboratory Electromagnets

    Design of Magnet Coils for Semi-Continuous Magnetic Fields Up to 60 T

    Experiments with Strong Pulsed Magnetic Fields Produced by Cu/Nb Microcomposite Wirewound Magnets

    Production of Ultra-High Magnetic Fields and Their Application to Solid State Physics

    Laboratory Facility for the Magnetic Flux Compression Systems Using Large Explosives

    Production of Repeating Pulsed High Magnetic Field

    An Electronic Monitoring System for Hybrid Magnets

    Switching of a 0.5-MJ Capacitor Bank with Thyristors at Surge Ratings

    Workshop on Magnet Technology

    Chapter 2. Magnet Laboratory Facilities

    Non-Destructive Quasi-Static Pulsed Magnetic Fields at Toulouse

    The 40-T Facility of the University of Amsterdam

    The Pulsed Field Installation at the K.U. Leuven

    The High Field Facility at the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford

    High Field Laboratory for Superconducting Materials, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University

    The Nijmegen High Field Magnet Laboratory

    The Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory at Mit: 1988 Status

    The High Field Magnet Laboratory of Grenoble

    High Field Magnets at the International Laboratory Wroclaw

    A 20-T Superconducting Magnet System

    High Magnetic Field Facility at Osaka University

    An Idea for the Easy Construction of a High Field Magnet

    The Development of Compact 18-T Filamentary Superconducting Magnets

    The High Field Magnet Laboratory (HMFA) at Braunschweig University

    Megagauss Laboratory in Tokyo

    High-Field Research in China

    Advances in High Field Magnetism at Osaka

    Chapter 3. Superconductivity

    Status and Prospects of Superconducting Chevrel Phase Wires for High Magnetic Field Applications

    Irreversible Magnetization and Upper Critical Field of YBa2Cu3O7 Single Crystals in High Magnetic Fields

    High Magnetic Field Properties of ErBa2Cu3O7 and HoBa2Cu3O7 Single Crystals

    The Measurement of Critical Currents of High Tc Superconductors in Magnetic Fields

    Critical Parameters of High Tc Compounds

    Magnetic Measurements of High Tc Superconductors in Megagauss Fields

    Anisotropy of the Critical Fields of High- Tc Superconductors

    High Field Properties and Characteristics of Oxide Superconductors

    Critical Field of High Tc Superconductors

    Hc2 Measurement of High Tc Superconductors by Pulsed Magnetic Field

    High Field Measurements of Whole Profile of Hc2 and Normal Resistivity of High- Tc Single Crystal Superconductors

    The Effect of Y Substitution by Lanthanides on Jc of Ba2Y1Cu3O7-8

    Magnetization and Critical Currents in High-Tc Superconducting Oxides

    Upper Critical Field Measurements in High-Tc Superconducting Oxides

    Technique for Contactless Transport Measurement in Very High Magnetic Fields - A Challenge to Determine Hc2(Q) of High-Tc Superconductors in the Megagauss Range

    Fir Paramagnetic Resonance in High-Tc Superconductors

    Chapter 4. d-Magnetism

    High Field Magnetostriction in Intermetallic Compounds

    Metamagnetic Properties in Lu(CO1-xAlx)2 by Magnetization and Magnetostriction

    High Magnetic Field Effect in Martensitic Transformation

    On the Paramagnetic Behavior of Fe in Y(Fe,Al)2

    Magnetic Transitions in Θ-Mn11ge8 and S1-Mn2,6Ge

    Chapter 5. f-Magnetism

    High-Field Magnetization of Ternary Uranium 1:1:1 Intermetallics

    Magnetization of Some Rare Earth and Actinide Compounds in High Magnetic Fields

    f-Electron Systems in High Magnetic Fields

    High-Magnetic-Field Experiments in Heavy-Fermion Systems

    Properties of UxY1-xAs in High Magnetic Fields

    Anomalous Step-Magnetization of GdB6 in High Magnetic Fields

    Field-Induced Metallic State of YbB12 in High Magnetic Fields

    Chapter 6. R -T Intermetallics

    Hall Effect in a Re-TM Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy Film under Pulsed High Magnetic Fields

    High Pulsed Magnetic Field Measurements of the Magnetic Anisotropy in (ErxDy1-x)2Fe14B Compounds

    Field Induced Transition from Collinear to Canted Magnetic Structures in TbCO5

    High-Field Magnetization of Pr2Fe14B-Based Compounds

    Transverse Magnetoresistance of HoxCo70-xB30 Amorphous Ribbons

    Magnetization and High Field Magneto-Resistance in SMCU

    Magnetization of Nd2Fe14B-Type Compounds in High Magnetic Fields

    Chapter 7. Transition Metal Compounds

    Spin-Flip Transition of YIG Observed in Megagauss Fields

    Magnetic Measurements of Polynuclear Metal Cluster Compounds between Molecule and Metal

    Faraday Rotation of Antiferromagnets in Megagauss Fields Produced by Single Turn Coils

    Magnetization of CsFeCl3 in High Magnetic Field; a New Phase Transition between Different Spin Multiplets

    High Field Magnetization Processes in Mn1-xCrxAs

    High Field Magnetization of Single Crystals YFe2O4, YbFe2O4 and LuFe2O4

    Effect of Magnetic Fields on Reentrant-Spin-Glass FexMn1-xTiO3 (X = 0.60, 0.65 and 0.75)

    Observation of a First-Order Transition at T < Tc in MnV2O4

    Chapter 8. Spin Resonances

    Magnetic Excitations in Random Systems in High Magnetic Fields

    Far Infrared Paramagnetic Resonances in Dyal Garnet

    Ferromagnetic Resonance in 3d Metals at High Magnetic Fields

    on the EPR of 3d4 and 3d6 Ions at High Magnetic Fields

    Submillimeter Wave ESR of CsFeCl3 in a Pulsed High Magnetic Field

    Chapter 9. Semiconductors

    A Fraction of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

    Quasi-Static Pulsed High Magnetic Field Used to Study Magnetic Properties of Semimagnetic Semiconductors

    Conductivity in a Spin-Polarized Band Near the Metal-Insulator Critical Point

    Magnetoresistance Measurements on the Magnetic Semiconductor Nd0.5Pb0.5MnO3

    Chapter 10. Theory

    Metamagnetic Transition of Intermetallic Co Compounds under High Magnetic Fields

    Phase Diagram of a Quenched Bond-Diluted Double-Bulk Potts Ferromagnet

    Magnetic Phase Transition in RbFeCl3-Type Magnets under High Magnetic Fields Along the C-Axis

    Magnetization Curves in the Ground State of Spin-1/2 Antiferromagnetic XXZ Chains with Competing Interactions

    Spectral Shift and Excited State Exchange Fields in High Magnetic Fields

    Chapter 11. Measuring Techniques

    Sensitive Magnetometer Available to 10-4 EMU Using Pulsed Magnet

    A Neutron Diffraction System for Studies in Pulsed High Magnetic Fields

    Magnetization Measurements in Very High Pulsed Fields Produced by a Single-Turn Coil System

    The Pulsed Fields in Studies of Spinels

    Determination of the Initial Value of the Magnetization Measurement in Pulsed High Magnetic Fields

    Automatic Device for Precise Magnetic Measurements in High Continuous Magnetic Fields

    A Trial of Magnetic Measurements in Explosively Condensed Fields on MNAS Above Tc

    Chapter 12. Organic and Molecular Matter

    High Field Magnetoresistance of Multilayered Structures and Organic Conductors: Weak Localization Effects

    Magnetic Properties of Liquid Oxygen in High Magnetic Fields

    Electric and Magnetic Properties of An Organic Ion-Radical Salt: 3,3'-Diethyl-2,2'-Selenacyanine-[TCNQ]2

    Diamagnetic "Curie-Weiss Law" and Molecular Interactions in Organic Liquids

    Polymerization of Biological Molecules under High Magnetic Fields

    The Study of the Free Radical DPPH in Pulsed Magnetic Fields

    List of Contributors

    Analytic Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 480
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © North Holland 1989
  • Published: January 1, 1989
  • Imprint: North Holland
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483258829

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J.J.M. Franse

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