High Field Magnetism

1st Edition

Editors: M. Date
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444865663
eBook ISBN: 9780444599193
Imprint: North Holland
Published Date: 1st January 1983
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High Field Magnetism presents the proceedings of the International Symposium on High Field Magnetism held at the Osaka University and Hotel Plaza in Osaka on September 13-14, 1982 as a satellite symposium of the International Conference on Magnetism-1982-Kyoto. The symposium tackled a wide variety of high field generation methods and material systems, with magnetism orientation as the main objective. A special Technical Exposition was held in the poster session where representatives from MIT, Grenoble, and other high field facilities were invited to give a descriptive review of each laboratory. This book is divided into eight parts, beginning with an introductory chapter into the subject of high field magnetism. The succeeding parts focus on magnetic interactions and phase transitions in high magnetic fields; metals and alloys in high magnetic fields; high field superconductivity; spin and charge fluctuations in high magnetic fields; high field magneto-optics; high field magnetic resonance; and high magnetic field facilities and techniques. This book will be of interest to practitioners in the fields of cryogenic engineering and applied physics.

Table of Contents


List of Committees

Part 1. Introduction to High Field Magnetism

On the Physics of High Magnetic Fields

Part 2. Magnetic Interactions and Phase Transitions in High Magnetic Fields

Phase Diagram and Field-Induced Exchange Flips in FexZn1-xF2

High Magnetic Field Spin-Peierls Phase Diagrams

Spin-Peierls System in a High Magnetic Field

Four-Spin Exchange in Graphite Intercalation Compound C6Eu

Metamagnetism and the Related Properties of Co (SxSe1-x)2

High Field Magnetization Process in FePS3

Magnetism of Antiferromagnetic RbMnCl3

Transition in Co3Fe Induced by a Continuous Strong Magnetic Field

Part 3. Metals and Alloys in High Magnetic Fields

First Order Magnetic Transitions in Some Metallic Materials

High Field Magnetization in Magnetic Materials

High Field Magnetic Susceptibility of Fe-Cr and Co-Mn Alloys

High Field Magnetization of Fe-Pt Disordered Invar Alloys

Magnetization Process of HoNi Single Crystal in Pulsed High Magnetic Field

Magnetic Field-Induced Transitions in RAg and RAu (R = Er, Ho and Dy)

Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy in 3d-Transition Metals Under High Magnetic Fields

High Field Magnetization of Mictomagnetic Fe-Zr Amorphous Alloys

High-Field Susceptibility and Hall Resistivity of Fe-Nb and Fe-Ta Amorphous Films

Magnetization and Magneto-Resistance Measurements on Amorphous Fe-B and Fe-Cr-B Alloys at High Magnetic Fields

High Field Magnetism of Surface Electrons

Part 4. High Field Superconductivity

Recent Research in High Field Superconductivity

High HC2 in Pb1.2-xEuxMo6S8

Angular and Temperature Dependence of Hc2 in Single Crystals PbMo6S8 and Cu1.8Mo6S8

Hc2 Measure


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