Hickman's latest guide is essential reading for anyone designing analog circuits. This book, along with the recent Analog Circuits Cookbook also available from Newnes, will enlighten, inform, interest and even amuse readers, and give them the ability to tackle analog and RF design problems with confidence. Based on articles published in Electronics World, this book covers such topics as RF amplifiers, oscillator design and behaviour, waveform analysis, optoelectronics, filters and op-amps, as well as offering intriguing insights in chapters such as Cautionary Tales for Circuit Designers, Circuit Reflections and Is Matching Easy? Ian Hickman is one of the world's leading analog and RF engineers. Using illustrations and examples rather than tough mathematical theory, Ian Hickman presents a wealth of ideas and tips based on his own workbench experience.

Key Features

Essential reading for analog circuit designers Hickman's wit and wisdom is based on a wealth of industrial experience Helps readers tackle analog and RF design problems with confidence


Electronics engineers, technicians and enthusiasts; small electronic RF design companies; students; academics

Table of Contents

Preface; Part 1: General analog circuitry: Voltage references; Versatile twin amplifier has many uses; Differentiating op-amps; Current conveyor ICs - a new building block; Single-pot polarity and gain adjustment; LCR measuring transformed; Cautionary tales for circuit designers; Analog signal processing; Reflections opto-electronics; Part 2: Audio: Low distortion audio oscillator; MOSFET stabilises Wien amplitude; High-performance THD meter; Listening for clues; Part 3: RF: White noise - white knight; Ready to use RF amplifiers; Synchronous oscillators: alternative to PLL?; The ins and outs of oscillator action; The transformer-ratio-arm-bridge; Smaller steps to better performance; Tweaking the diode detector; Oscillating at UHF; Modulating linearly; Sweeping to VHF; Part 4: Basic principles: Charting RF performance; Magic numbers in electronics; Harmonising theory with practice; Analysing waveforms in the practical world; Sinewaves step by step; Is matching easy?; Index.


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Ian Hickman

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Electronics author and freelance journalist


'Essential reading for anyone designing analog circuits.' Elektor Electronics