Introducing the subject of superfluid helium three and polarized liquid helium three, this book is devoted to modern problems in many body physics specific to the quantum fluid helium three. Relationships between properties of helium three and topics in other fields are established including superconductivity, non-linear dynamics, acoustics, and magnetically polarized quantum systems. Among the chapters in this collection one finds valuable reference material and original research not published elsewhere. Advanced research topics are presented in a pedagogical manner, in considerable depth, and with appropriate introductory material sufficiently general to be suitable to the non-specialist.

Table of Contents

Preface. 1. Superfluid 3He: A short introduction into the theory (L.P. Pitaevskii). 2. Symmetry in superfluid 3He (G.E. Volovik). 3. Superfluid phases of 3He (J.R. Hook). 4. The properties of rotating superfluid phases of liquid 3He (G.A. Kharadze). 5. Collective modes and nonlinear acoustics and superfluid 3He-B (R.H. McKenzie and J. Sauls). 6. Andreev scattering in superfluid 3He (J. Kurkijärvi and R. Rainer). 7. Order parameter collective modes in superfluid 3He (W.P. Halperin and E. Varoquaux). 8. Nucleation and growth of 3He-B in the supercooled A-phase (A.J. Leggett and S.K. Yip). 9. Pulsed NMR and the spactically non-uniform precession of spin in the superfluid phases of 3He (I.A. Fomin). 10. Dynamical behaviour of quasiparticles in superfluid helium three B (A.M. Guénault and G.R. Pickett). 11. Textures in flowing superfluid 3He-A (H.M. Bozler). 12. Spin relaxation in superfluid 3He in turned-off and weak magnetic fields (V.V. Golo and A.A. Leman). 13. Spin polarized phases of 3He (A.E. Meyerovich). 14. Experiments on spin polarized liquid 3He (G. Bonfait, L. Puech and A. Schuhl). Author index. Subject index.


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