Heat Transfer in Structures

Heat Transfer in Structures

International Series of Monographs in Aeronautics and Astronautics

1st Edition - January 1, 1965

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  • Author: H. Schuh
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483185064

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Heat Transfer in Structures discusses the heat flow problems directly related to structures. A large section of the book presents the heat conduction in solids. The fundamentals of the analytical method are covered briefly, while introduction on the use of semi-analytical methods is treated in detail. Various approximate methods and finite difference methods are fully explained. The description of structural elements is dealt with extensively. The subject of analogues for finding temperature distributions are briefly discussed, while similarity laws and model testing are covered more comprehensively. Another topic of interest is the heat flow inside the solid part of an ablating body which is covered in detail. Thermal conductance across interfaces and joints are analyzed. And a thorough discussion of the steady heat flow is provided. A section of the text covers the simple structural elements. The book will provide useful information to aeronautics, astronautics, mechanics, engineers, and students of the physical sciences.

Table of Contents

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    1. Introduction

    1.1. General

    1.2. The Thermal Environment of a Structure

    1.3. Typical Examples for Aerodynamic Heating of Structures

    2. A Summary of External Heat Transfer to Structures in High Speed Flight

    2.1. General

    2.2. Adiabatic Wall Temperatures

    2.3. Convective Heat Transfer Coefficients in Chemically Stable Air

    2.4. Convective Heat Transfer in Dissociated Air at Hypersonic Speeds

    2.5. The Influence of Bluntness and Angle of Attack on Heat Transfer in Supersonic Flight

    2.6. Transition from Laminar to Turbulent Flow in Boundary Layers

    2.7. Interaction of Boundary Layers with External Flow

    2.8. Limits for the Validity of the Continuum Flow

    2.9. Heat Transfer by Forced Convection and Thermal Radiation. Equilibrium Temperatures

    2.10. On the Heat Transfer at the Surface of High Speed Vehicles

    3. Fundamental Laws for Heat Transfer Within Structures

    3.1. Heat Conduction in Solids

    3.2. Heat Flow in Shells with Uniform Temperature throughout the Thickness

    3.3. Three-dimensional Heat Flow in Shells of Revolution

    3.4. Ablation

    3.5. Heat Transfer by Free Convection

    3.6. Heat Transfer by Thermal Radiation

    3.7. Thermal Conductance across Interfaces and Joints

    4. On Methods of Calculating Temperature Distributors in Structures

    4.1. General

    4.2. Analytical and Semi-analytical Methods in Transient Heat Flow

    4.3. Methods Using I: Analytical Methods

    5.1. General

    5.2. One-dimensional Heat Flow in Composite Slabs and Shells

    5.3. Radial Heat Flow in Cylindrical or Spherical Layers

    5.4. Radial Heat Flow in Shells

    5.5. Boundary Conditions in One-dimensional Heat Flow

    5.6. Variable Thermal Properties

    5.7. General Remarks on Two-dimensional Heat Flow

    6. Steady Heat Flow II: Numerical Methods

    6.1. Introduction

    6.2. A Finite Difference Equation for One-dimensional Heat Flow

    6.3. Direct Solutions of Finite Difference Equations

    6.4. A Method of Iteration for [Solving Finite Difference Equations

    6.5. The Method of Relaxation

    6.6. The Iteration and Relaxation Method Illustrated by an Example

    6.7. Accuracy of the Finite Difference Solutions

    6.8. Problems with Variable and Non-linear Boundary Conditions

    6.9. Two-dimensional Heat Flow. Numerical and Graphical Methods

    7. Transient Heat Flow I: Analytical Methods

    7.1. General

    7.2. A Survey of Important Analytical Methods

    7.3. Heating of Shells with Uniformly Distributed Temperatures

    7.4. Initial Phase of Heat Penetration into Solid Bodies. Thermal Shock

    7.5. One-dimensional Linear Heat Flow in Simple and Composite Bodies

    7.6. One-dimensional Heat Flow in Thin Shells with Heat Transfer Conditions Varying along the Surface

    7.7. Heat Flow with Time-dependent Boundary Conditions of General Form (Semi-analytical Methods)

    7.8. Heat Conduction in a Semi-infinite Solid with Melting or Sublimation at the Surface

    8. Transient Heat Flow II: Numerical Methods

    8.1. One-dimensional Heat Flow. General Remarks on Finite Difference Methods

    8.2. One-dimensional Heat Flow. A Simple Explicit Finite Difference Equation

    8.3. One-dimensional Heat Flow. An Implicit Difference Equation

    8.4. One-dimensional Heat Flow in Thin Shells with External Heat Transfer. An Explicit Finite Difference Equation

    8.5. One-dimensional Heat Flow in Composite Structures.Method of Lumped Heat Capacities and Resistances

    8.6. Two-dimensional and Multi-directional Heat Flow in Composite Structures. Method of Lumped Heat Capacities and Resistances

    8.7. Other Approximate Methods of Solution

    8.8. Examples

    9. Heat Flow in Particular Structural Elements

    9.1. A Skin Reinforced by Integral Stiffeners

    9.2. A Skin Reinforced by a Stiffener with a Thermal Contact Resistance at the Joint

    9.3. Examples of Aerodynamic Heating of Skins Reinforced by Stiffeners

    9.4. A Shell with a Discontinuity in Thickness

    10. Analogues

    10.1. General

    10.2. Steady Heat Flow

    10.3. Transient Heat Flow

    11. Similarity Laws and Model-Testing for Heat Flow in Structures

    11.1. Internal Heat Flow by Conduction only. Integral Structures

    11.2. Internal Heat Flow by Conduction, Free Convection and Thermal Radiation. Integral Structures

    11.3. Temperature-dependent Thermal Properties

    11.4. Finite Thermal Conductances across Joints

    Appendix: A Survey of Recent Developments

    Author Index

    Subject Index

    Other Titles in the Series

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  • No. of pages: 358
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1965
  • Published: January 1, 1965
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483185064

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H. Schuh

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R. L. Bisplinghoff

W. S. Hemp

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