The developing heart is the first functional organ, and its proper formation and function is essential for life. This volume compiles the exciting new advances that have been made in understanding the regulation of heart development, the genes and pathways involved, and the impact these have in heart disease. A stellar collection of scientists tackles an important facet of heart development, providing a comprehensive set of reviews.

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  • Cutting-edge science
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    Researchers in cell, developmental, and molecular biology; genetics

    Table of Contents

    1. Life Before Nkx2.5 - Cardiovascular Progenitor Cells: Embryonic Origins and Developmen
      Ian C. Scott
    2. The second heart field
      Robert G. Kelly
    3. An unauthorized biography of the second heart field and new pioneer/scaffold model for early cardiac development
      José Xavier-Neto, Sylvia Sura Trueba, Alberto Stolfi, Henrique Marques Souza, Tiago José Pascoal Sobreira, Michael Schuber and Hozana Andrade Castillo
    4. Development and Evolution of the Ascidian Cardiogenic Mesoderm
      Theadora Tolkin and Lionel Christiaen
    5. Regulation of GATA4 transcriptional activity in cardiovascular development and disease
      Pingzhu Zhou, Aibin He, and William T. Pu
    6. Localized and temporal gene regulation in heart development
      Phil Barnett, Malou van den Boogaard and Vincent Christoffels
    7. Heart Valve Development, Maintenance and Disease: The Role of Endothelial Cells
      Ge Tao, James D. Kotick and Joy Lincoln
    8. An epicardial floor plan for building and rebuilding the mammalian heart
      Paul R. Riley
    9. Transcription Factor Pathways and Congenital Heart Disease
      David J. McCulley and Brian L. Black
    10. MicroRNAs in Heart Development
      Ramón A. Espinoza-Lewis and Da-Zhi Wang
    11. Cardiac Regeneration
      Wen-Yee Choi and Kenneth D. Poss


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