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FOUNDATIONS OF HEALTH CARE INFORMATICS · Major Theories Supporting Health Care Informatics · Computer, Information, and Health Care Informatics Literacy · Understanding Databases · Supporting Administrative Decision Making · Supporting Clinical Decision MakinG · HEALTH CARE INFORMATION SYSTEMS · The Purpose, Structure, and Functions of Health Care Information Departments · Applications for Health Care Information Systems · Strategic and Tactical Planning for Health Care Information Systems · The Life Cycle of a Health Care Information System · Electronic Health Records · USING TECHNOLOGY TO DELIVER HEALTH CARE EDUCATION · Technological Approaches to Communication · Technology and Distributed Education · e-Health Trends and Technologies. The Impact of the Internet on Health Care Providers and Patients · The Impact of Informatics on the Sociocultural Environment of Health Care · The Impact of Health Care Informatics on the Organization · Human-Computer Interaction in Health Care Organizations · The Implications of Information Technology for Research · Infrastructure to Support Health Care Informatics·Technical Standards Us ed in Health Care Informatics · Professional Health Care Informatics Standards · The Implications of Accreditation and Governmental Regulations for Health Care Informatics · Protection of Health Care Information · YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND TOMORROW · Unit 6 Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow · The History of Health Care Informatics · The Future of Health Care Informatics Education · Future Directions in Health Care Informatics · Glossary


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